• Self-healing concrete and immunotherapy - February 11-15: Research of TUM at AAAS Annual Meeting (Photos: W. Bachmeier and A. Eckert / TUM)
  • Stability in ecosystems: asynchrony of species is more important than diversity (image: TUM/ Gossner)
  • NANOLASER FOR PHOTONICS CHIPS - Nanowire-lasers for opto-electronic data processing - Photo: Uli Benz / TUM
  • Nuclear spins bring about superconductivity in the land of the “heavy fermions” – Photo: : Marc Tippmann / TUM
  • Small is different: Sub-nanometer catalysts show substantially different behavior than projected
(Foto: Andreas Heddergott)
  • The Status Quo on Europe’s Mussels: First study on freshwater mussel stocks in 26 countries (Photo: TUM/ Geist)
  • News from TUM
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