In an emergency: What to do?

Ensuring personal safety is the number-one priority on all Technical University of Munich (TUM) campuses – especially in the event of an emergency or safety incident. We do all we can to avoid or mitigate any negative impacts.

Please report accidents or emergencies immediately. This page contains all the important contact details and links to further information.

Emergency numbers

  • Fire and ambulance services: 112
  • Poison control hotline: +49 89 19240
  • Police: 110

When you call one of these numbers, keep your answers brief and concise. Prepare to answer any questions the emergency staff may ask and always wait for the emergency coordination center to end the call.

Do not use the telephone afterwards for other calls in case the emergency staff wants to call you back.

Always administer first aid to the best of your abilities in an emergency.

The TUM alert system serves to promptly inform all Technical University of Munich staff and students about threats and emergencies.

Background of the alert system: In case of crises, accidents or catastrophes, the first priority is to ensure the protection and safety of persons at all TUM locations. In such cases, the TUM alert system informs staff, students, and guests and recommends proper actions. A test run of this system is carried out biannually. The TUM alert system is a joint project initiated by the TUM Board of Management. It is coordinated by HR6 - safety and radiation protection.

Contents of the alert notifications: The notification message identifies the location/area affected, the existing danger and gives hints and recommendations (e.g. evacuation or lockdown). It additionally includes the date and time the message was issued as well as a link to the page By visiting it, you can confirm that any messages received are real TUM alert messages. For each alert notification distributed, there will be an official all-clear sent via the same channels once the danger is over.

Alert via e-mail: All staff, students and guests are informed by messages sent to their central TUM e-mail address(es) (e.g.,, administration via TUMonline). The sender of these messages always is: HR 6 Sicherheit und Strahlenschutz ( As there is a large proportion of persons working at more than one campus, each message will be sent to all TUM members at all locations. Therefore, please check the location described in the alert message. It is not possible to reply to alert e-mails.

Alert via the TUM Campus App: The alert is also indicated in the Android version of the TUM Campus App. This is a mobile application generated by students for students, which can also be used by staff or the general public, even without a TUM ID.

Additional communication channels: The distribution of alert messages via additional communication channels (e.g. information screens, and central TUM web page) is currently in preparation. Further information University administration offers a comprehensive information portal (AGU-Hochschulen, currently available in German only) covering all issues related to occupational health and safety.

Important links related to this topic

Contact information
Hochschulreferat 6 – Safety and Radiation Protection
Dr. Christian Schunk
Walther-Meißner-Straße 1
85748 Garching

Emergency organization in detail

Comprehensive information on all aspects of occupational health and safety at TUM can be found on the AGU-Hochschulen information system.

Access via the proxy setting at (only in the university network)