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A wide range of IT services makes studies and work at the Technical University easier for you. From e-mail through e-learning to file sharing, you can get connected at any time, from any place – over the cloud. To ensure that you can easily access your personal services, we have listed the main log-in sites here

Cloud Storage and Filesharing

All members of the university (students, staff and guests) can use various services for storing files in the cloud and for sharing files with others. These services can be accessed 24/7 from anywhere.
Login with your TUM username ("TUM-Kennung") and password

Personal Storage at the central online-storage (Webdisk)

Synchronisieren and share data (Sync+Share)

Share files up to 2 GB (GigaMove)

Eduroam: Wiresless internet access (WiFi)

Free internet access for researchers and scientists from Munich and from many other universities around Europe: eduroam (DFN Roaming)

E-mail service of Leibniz Supercomputing Center (LRZ webmail service)

The LRZ provides a webmail service for staff and students of Munich’s universities:

E-mailing with Microsoft Exchange

Microsoft Exchange is TUM’s central e-mail and groupware system. Students and staff use it to manage their mailbox, personal and shared calendars, addresses and contacts. You will need your exchange username and password to log in. Infos and help

Info and help

EvaSys – surveys made easy

EvaSys is TUM’s central platform for creating and carrying out teaching surveys. EvaSys


MediaTUM  is the University Libraries’ publication server. You can publish your dissertation and other documents here: Publications repository mediaTUM

Moodle – TUM’s e-learning platform

Moodle is TUM’s central e-learning system. It provides a range of support services for teachers and students, including upload options for course work, discussion forums, group organization , etc. You will need your TUM username and password to log in.
Further Information: TUM-moodle

MyTUM portal

TUM’s intranet service. Students, staff and alumni can log in with their TUM username and password.


TUM’s chat tool for members of the university: for live chats in your web browser or with iOS and Android apps.

- Public channels for all members of the university
- private channels
- send direct messages to invididuals

Login to the desktop version: https://chat.tum.de

Help and documentation: https://wiki.tum.de/x/QAFqBw

Scheduling and voting tools

Easy to use scheduling and voting tools provided by the DFN (Deutsches Forschungsnetz):

TUM Community – The Alumni Network

Stay in contact with TUM! TUM Community

TUM wikis

Do you want to share and network information? A wiki allows you to create and build up a body of knowledge with other people: TUM Wiki system


TUMonline is TUM’s central, cross-departmental Campus Management System for study and teaching. You can use the portal to search for people and rooms, submit applications, manage tuition fee payments and find information on modules, courses, exams, e-mail addresses, etc. Students, staff and alumni can log in using their TUM username and password.

University libraries

The University Libraries are TUM’s academic information center. They provide a range of services to support students, academics and university staff in their studies, research, teaching and further training.

Virtual University of Bavaria (VHB)

You can take virtual courses on the VHB portal: Virtual University of  Bavaria (VHB)

Have we left something out?

We are still working on this list, so we would be glad to hear from you if you have a suggestion for a portal not included here. Please e-mail it-support(at)tum.de.

Find more IT systems and services, plus a login-list on the central IT homepage.