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  • The Forest Condition Monitor shows the health of European forests. It’s interactive and you can choose individual countries.
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    Real-time, interactive monitoring of forest health

    European Forest Condition Monitor

    Interactive online platform uses satellite images to display status of European forests. The output is based on the greenness of trees. With the latest functionality, users can also view and download data for individual countries and selected time ranges to learn more about the condition of forests. The data analysis and visualization tool was developed by scientists at the Technical University of Munich (TUM).

  • Dr. Roman Gernhäuser an der Target-Kammer
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    The tetra-neutron – a miniature neutron star

    Experiment finds evidence for a long-sought particle comprising four neutrons

    While all atomic nuclei except hydrogen are composed of protons and neutrons, physicists have been searching for a particle consisting of two, three or four neutrons for over half a century. Experiments by a team of physicists of the Technical University of Munich (TUM) at the accelerator laboratory on the Garching research campus now indicate that a particle comprising four bound neutrons may well exist.

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    Alexander Braun new Vice-President for Digitalization and IT Systems

    Board of Trustees elects IT expert to TUM Board of Management

    Alexander Braun, IT expert and Civil Engineering PhD, is the new TUM Senior Vice-President for Digitalization and IT systems. On Wednesday the university's Board of Trustees elected him to a three-year term on the TUM Board of Management. Braun thus also assumes the function of Chief Information Officer (CIO) at TUM.

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    Academic celebration highlights TUM successes in 2021

    TUM Dies Academicus

    The Technical University of Munich (TUM) concluded the university year with the gala "Dies Academicus" celebration. Against a backdrop of the central impact of Corona pandemic restrictions on university life in 2021, President Thomas F. Hofmann spoke of the fantastic successes on the part of TUM students, employees, supporters and friends. He thanked the TUM family for its enormous dedication and had special praise for the medical personnel at the TUM clinics for excellent service under an "unbelievable workload."

  • Die Co-Autoren Prof. Frank Pollmann, Prof. Michael Knap und Yujie Liu im Physik-Department auf dem Forschungscampus Garching der Technischen Universität München
    • Quantum Technologies, Research news
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    Twisting elusive quantum particles

    Quantum processor provides insights into exotic states of matter

    While the number of qubits and the stability of quantum states are still limiting current quantum computing devices, there are questions where these processors are already able to leverage their enormous computing power. In collaboration with the Google Quantum AI team scientists from the Technical University of Munich (TUM) and the University of Nottingham used a quantum processor to simulate the ground state of a so-called toric code Hamiltonian – an archetypical model system in modern condensed matter physics, which was originally proposed in the context of quantum error correction.

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    TUM to coordinate Future Lab for Green Hydrogen

    Five million euros from German government for sustainability research

    Hydrogen from climate-neutral sources is regarded as one of the most important energy sources of the future. Accordingly, the Technical University of Munich (TUM) is opening an international Future Lab with researchers from 13 countries. The German Federal Ministry of Education and Research will provide as much as five million euros over the course of three years, the Ministry announced on Wednesday.

  • Portraits of the three winners of the Academicus 2021 ideas competition
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    Award-winning ideas for a vibrant campus

    The winners of the Academicus 2021 ideas competition have been chosen

    For almost 20 years, the Academicus has honored ideas from students, teaching staff and employees that provide creative impulses for studying, teaching and campus life at TUM. In this year's competition, the jury awarded prizes for the “Outdoor Lecture Hall”, “TUMgoesOutside”, and “Community Tables”, three proposals that aim to make TUM's campuses even more lively, colorful, and open.

  • Urban gardens can provide habitats for plant and animal species and their complex interactions, and also provide cooling mechanisms to reduce urban heat.
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    Urban gardens - ecosystems for people and nature

    TUM@Freising online-lecture

    Urban gardens provide new perspectives for nature conservation and nature connection. How can urban gardens contribute to the conservation of biodiversity and to what extent do they benefit human health? Monika Egerer, Professor of Urban Productive Ecosystems at the Technical University of Munich (TUM), will explain how ecosystems in our neighborhood can provide habitats for animals, plants and people at her TUM@Freising online-lecture on Monday, December 13, 2021, at 7 p.m.

  • Robin Allert of QuantumDiamonds receives the TUM IDEAward.
    • Artificial Intelligence, Quantum Technologies, Sustainability, Entrepreneurship
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    TUM IDEAward for quantum engineering project

    New prize established for international start-up teams

    Diamonds for quantum technology, a test for urinary tract infections and a machine learning method for testing computer games: these three start-ups ideas were announced yesterday as winners of the TUM IDEAward. The day also marked the first-ever presentation of the TUM Deep Tech IDEAward, offered to teams established in other countries that wish to launch their start-up in Munich.