Prof. Lothar H. Wieler, President of the Robert Koch Institute.
Prof. Lothar H. Wieler, President of the Robert Koch Institute.
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Prof. Lothar H. Wieler on the pandemicMunich Talk with the President of the Robert Koch Institute

The President of the Robert Koch Institute will speak at the Munich Talks, hosted by the Bavarian School of Public Policy (HfP) / TUM School of Governance, on March 11. Prof. Lothar H. Wieler will offer insights into the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic and take questions from the live stream audience.

Professor Lothar H. Wieler is the President of the Robert Koch Institute, the national public health institute in Germany for the identification, surveillance and prevention of diseases, in particular infectious diseases. This makes him one of the most important actors in the fight against the pandemic. A veterinarian by training, Professor Wieler focuses in his research on zoonotic diseases, that is, infections transmitted between animals and humans, which account for many newly emerging infectious diseases.

The online event will be moderated by Prof. Ulrike Protzer, the Director of the Institute of Virology at TUM, and Prof. Eugénia da Conceição-Heldt, the Reform Rector of the Bavarian School for Public Policy at TUM. Registered attendees can submit questions. The Munich Talk can also be accessed as a live stream without registration.

Date and time:

Munich Talk: A Virtual Conversation with RKI-President Prof. Lothar Wieler in Pandemic Times

Thursday, March 11, 9.30 – 11.30 am

The event will be in English. Questions can also be submitted in German.

Registration (attendance limited)

Live stream

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Munich Talks

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