In the lives of our youngest members of the TUM family a new and inspiring era begins, and President Thomas F. Hofmann warmly welcomes them to our great university – with our first-years’ welcome event! “Welcome@TUM”. In order to protect everyone’s health during the pandemic, our traditional first-years’ welcoming will this year take place in a virtual, but equally exciting format.

First Virtual First-Years’ Event!

When and where?

Monday, November 2, 2020, at 3 p.m.


A detailed description of the program and extensive guest information will follow shortly.

Raffle and video messages of the first-years!

This year's first-years’ event takes place in a new virtual format, and new students are invited to actively participate in Welcome@TUM by sending in a short video clip. The students' video clips will then become part of the online event on November 2. In addition, those who send in a video enroll in a raffle, where, in addition to prizes, you have the chance to become a VIP-guest at the welcome event.

Short facts on the video clip
  • Anyone who submits a video will enroll automatically in the raffle
  • If your video is selected among those sent in, we will cut it and show it at Welcome@TUM. In addition, you can also join the event as a VIP guest at Zoom Live Conference.
  • Delivery: send it via WeTransfer to event@tum.de - there is no need to register with WeTransfer and the website's cookies do not have to be accepted. It is sufficient to include your name and e-mail address as sender
  • It is absolutely necessary to include a filled out declaration of consent on WeTransfer regarding the video, otherwise the video cannot be used. You can find it under the following link.
  • Deadline for entries is 26.10.2020
Eight guidelines for the video
  1. The question that should be answered in the video is: "At TUM I am most looking forward to..." - please say this sentence in the video
  2. Consider the size of your angle (how big are you shown)
  3. Background not too playful... but also not directly in front of a white wall
  4. Stand in the middle and frontal to the camera.
  5. Always look into the camera! (learn the text and please do not read it)
  6. Use landscape format 16:9
  7. Put the cell phone down (tripod - or e.g. put it on a shelf)
  8. Short text! (max. 20 sec) and around 100 MB file size

Upload the video with the declaration of consent via: www.wetransfer.com
Recipient on WeTransfer is the following e-mail address: event@tum.de




What to do when you start your studies

At the start of your studies, there will be quite a bit of organizing to do. For a detailed overview of items to keep in mind, please refer to our Freshman Checklist. In addition, we would like to provide you with a general overview and help you familiarize yourself with the most important concepts relating to your studies at Technical University of Munich. Starting your studies