Our podcasts at a Glance

Podcasts bring stories to life: The university generates a steady stream of fascinating podcast episodes revolving around cutting-edge research, socio-political topics, entrepreneurialism and of course the people behind them. Listen in now – the formats are also available on streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Podcasts and Anchor.

Research results and the 'Hidden Champions' behind the scenes – "We are TUM" puts the spotlight on the people that make our university what it is. The German-language episodes come out every six weeks, together with transcripts in both German and English. We are TUM

The podcast of the TUM Institute for LifeLong Learning examines the key issues of our time. The three mini series to date focus on sustainability, technology in sports, and the main research topics of our international network. TUM Institute for LifeLong Learning

"That's my Job" is all about career questions and the first job after graduating from university. Alumni provide insights into their professional careers, give tips for salary negotiations and advise on how to find your dream job. The episodes are available in German or English. That's my Job

From research to the classroom: "Forschung fördert Bildung" presents results and methods of educational research in an understandable way. Each of the German-language episodes discusses current questions of teaching and learning, such as the use of digital tools or adaptive learning software. Forschung fördert Bildung

Learning from the best: "Entrepreneurial Realities" showcases inspiring personalities from the business sector sharing their knowledge. The English-language podcast features tips on founding a company, financing and investments. Entrepreneurial Realities (on Anchor)

The road to your own start-up can certainly be bumpy. In "Mostly Awesome" founders talk about their successes, setbacks and the motivation to drive an idea to fruition. New episodes appear in English every second Wednesday. Mostly Awesome

From insights into Alzheimer's disease to quantum science as the basis for future technologies - the German-language podcast "Exzellent erklärt" interviews researchers from Germany's 57 Clusters of Excellence, including the four clusters TUM is part of. Exzellent erklärt