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Our German-language podcast series "We are TUM" features regularly occurring conversations with the people who make our university what it is. We meet everyone: leading researchers, students and teachers and even the "Hidden Champions" who work behind the scenes to keep TUM going, day after day.

Episode 3: From the lecture hall to the successful start-up

New technologies and products that improve our everyday lives – Research can be a catalyst for business, and vice versa. In episode 3 of "We are TUM" we bring you instances of successful collaboration.

For example Frank Weber, member of the BMW Board of Management, talks with us about how the university and industry can benefit one another in the future. The Munich-based automobile manufacturer is sponsoring a TUM chair for quantum computing, a method which will provide materials research with enormous amounts of computing power and will make simulations even more meaningful than they are today. air up is an excellent example of a company which began its journey at TUM. Our guest is air up co-founder Fabian Schlang, whose start-up has put a retronasal aroma-based drinking system on the market. The system makes everyday carbonated water taste for example like cola, without all the calories of a real cola.

A good network is ultimately a decisive element in professional success and marketing our own ideas. Lisa Marie Ullrich, program director of the Munich Security Conference, presents us with a total of six tips on the topic of networking. We also speak once again with a "Hidden Champion": Geologist Gerhard Lehrberger knows all about the hidden art treasures of our university, restores them and talks about how he has also had to actually save them in the past.

Guests, listed chronologically: Member of the Board of Management of BMW AG Frank Weber, Academic Director at the Chair of Engineering Geology Dr. rer. nat. Gerhard Lehrberger, COO and Founder of air up GmbH Fabian Schlang, Director of Programs at the Munich Security Conference Lisa Marie Ullrich

English transcript of this episode

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