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Our German-language podcast series "We are TUM" features regularly occurring conversations with the people who make our university what it is. We meet everyone: leading researchers, students and teachers and even the "Hidden Champions" who work behind the scenes to keep TUM going, day after day.

Episode 9: Dietary supplements, fashion in the pandemic and tax tips

A balanced diet helps prevent illness, but is hard to manage in a hectic everyday life; the temptation to grab some fast (and unhealthy!) food is all too great. That's where dietary supplements come into play: According to numerous manufacturers, these supplements compensate for deficiencies with vitamins and nutrients. But what's behind all the advertising promises? In episode 9 of "We are TUM" we speak about supplements with Hans Hauner, Director of the Else Kröner-Fresenius Center for Nutritional Medicine and researcher of chronic illnesses such as obesity and type 2 diabetes.

The TUM student counseling receives as many as 900 e-mails a day. That's a typical number for our Hidden Champion Daniel Koll – as the service's team leader he's already most likely interacted with the majority of our 48,000 students. In an interview Daniel Koll shares insights into his everyday life and talks about how the Corona pandemic has changed his job.

Are sweatpants here to stay? Working from home isn't the only thing to go from exception to standard over the past two years: How we dress has changed as well. We visit with student Stine Kindervater – In her Bachelor's thesis she looks at this change and explained to us why fashion phenomena are always a reflection of society at large.
Tax expert Raymond Kudraß shows us why filing a tax declaration can be well worth it, even before beginning a professional life. His five useful tips will help students with their tax declarations.

Guests, listed chronologically: Professor for Nutritional Medicine and Director of the Else Kröner-Fresenius Center for Nutritional Medicine Prof. Dr. Hans Hauner; student counseling service Team Leader Daniel Koll; vocation school teacher training student Stine Kindervater; corporate auditor and tax consultant Raymond Kudraß.

English transcript of this episode

published on 06.07.2022

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published on 24.05.2022

Prof. Christian Djeffal talks about dealing with cyber-attacks and trolls, Michael Baumann presents the start-up TWAICE and his software for battery analytics; in addition, Ursula Wandl and Christine Maurer report on their career activities as patient advocates. We close with tips from Alfred Wiater on optimum quality of sleep. English transcript of this episode

Episode 7: Perspectives on the war in Ukraine

published on 13.04.2022

Ukrainian students share their impressions on the outbreak of war and Prof. Sebastian Goerg analyzes the impacts of an energy embargo. In addition, occupational psychologist Andrea Hufnagel shares five techniques which help out in case of psychological stress, and Anja Schmidt reports on the ongoing digitalization of the TUM architectural museum archive. English transcript of this episode

Episode 6: Empathy in medicine, patent applications and job application tips

published on 03.03.22

Pascal O. Berberat discusses teaching methods for training future physicians to be more empathetic, Hidden Champion Philipp Merkl of TUM ForTe offers us advice on patent applications and Fabian Richter, head of the TUM student council, shares his experiences from two years of the pandemic. The episode concludes with Maximilian Mendius from BMW who gives us his five tips on successful job applications. English transcript of this episode

Episode 5: The campus fire department, 3D printing in measurement technologies and TUM Asia turns 20

published on 21.01.2022

Markus Wächter looks back on 20 years of TUM Asia, Jürgen Wettlaufer presents the university fire department and we speak with Katharina Kreitz about her start-up Vectoflow, which makes flow probes in 3D printers. The episode finishes with five tips from Frédéric Margue on how to reconcile sports with a full appointment calendar. English transcript of this episode

Episode 4: How computer games can help understand human perception

published on 08.12.21

Gudrun Klinker talks about the intersections between games engineering, augmented reality and psychology, we get to know Hidden Champion Anja Bräunig from the professorial appointment team and we visit with founder Florian Grigoleit, whose product "modelwise" exposes technical safety gaps. We finish with Peter Rösler, who give us five tips on speed reading. English transcript of this episode

Episode 3: From the lecture hall to the successful start-up

published on 28.10.21

BMW Board of Management member Frank Weber talks about how the university and industry benefit from one another thanks to quantum computing; Fabian Schlang presents his start-up's aroma-based drinking system and and Lisa Marie Ullrich, program director of the Munich Security Conference gives us tips on good networking. We also take a look at the hidden art treasures of TUM. English transcript of this episode

Episode 2: On Artificial Intelligence, Room Allocation and Urban Gardening on Campus

published on 16.09.21

We delve into the field of AI with Daniel Cremers, winner of the Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz Prize, we meet space planner Gudrun Obst and speak with student Veronica Becker about "Plant a Seed". Werner Lang explains sustainable construction and Bernd Sibler tells us about the ONE MUNICH Strategy Forum – And there are five useful tips: This episode's topic is mobile working. English transcript of this episode

Episode 1: Between the lockdown and university routine

published on 09.09.21

Virologist Ulrike Protzer analyzes the current corona situation, two students talk about their digital university life and economics expert Gunther Friedl tells us what he's learned from the crisis. This episode's "Hidden Champion" is Adjunct Teaching Professor Roland Wüchner – and Christoph Müller-Höcker shares tips for more concentrated work. English transcript of this episode