May 6: Science Matinee at the IAS

Manipulation of faces in fake videos

Wall with screens
Authentic or manipulated? Prof. Matthias Nießner analyses fake videos. (Image: fredmantel /


What photos and videos can still be trusted? At the Science Matinee hosted by the TUM Institute for Advanced Study on May 6, Prof. Matthias Nießner will demonstrate how facial expressions and movements can be manipulated at will. The computer scientist will also show how such manipulations can be detected and explain the role of artificial intelligence.

Matthias Nießner has been a professor for visual computing at TUM since 2017. Before coming to TUM he was a guest professor at Stanford University. He works on 3D digitization at the interface between the research areas of computer graphics, computer vision and artificial intelligence.

Date and time:

Science Matinee
"Fake news: The manipulation of videos and the role of artificial intelligence"

Sunday, May 6, 2018, 11 am

TUM Institute for Advanced Study
Garching Research Campus
Lichtenbergstraße 2 a
85748 Garching

Free admission