Start of the Bavarian Network for Climate Research

Research pact against climate change consequences

Strategies for climate protection and adaptation are to be developed via the bayklif network. (Image: Photocase/
Strategies for climate protection and adaptation are to be developed via the bayklif network. (Image: Photocase/

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The Bavarian Network for Climate Research (bayklif) was founded in 2050 as part of the Bavarian Climate Protection Programme. The network focuses on better understanding the ecological and social consequences of climate change in order to use this knowledge to develop suitable measures to mitigate climate change and its consequences. Prof. Annette Menzel from the Technical University of Munich (TUM) is the spokesperson for bayklif.

The bayklif network supports interdisciplinary collaborative projects and junior research groups as research formats. Each funding period is five years. The total funding volume over the five-year term is around 18 million euros. Regional and supra-regional strategies for climate protection and adaptation are to be developed through the projects funded.

"Climate change has also arrived in Bavaria - it can be felt and measured," said Bavarian Science Minister Prof. Marion Kiechle at the start of the research alliance. Due to the already existing high level in the research landscape in Bavaria, further important findings in this research field could be achieved in the field of climate and the now bundled scientific excellence in the Bavarian Climate Research Network, which also provided valuable foundations for decision-makers in society and politics. "Many people talk about climate change, but Bavaria is making a concrete contribution to the preservation of our home country for future generations," said the Science Minister.

The selected five collaborative projects and five junior research groups, which will be funded in the future, have successfully asserted themselves against competing project proposals in a science-led two-stage selection procedure.

The following TUM projects will be supported by bayklif in future:

A total of five scientists from the TUM will receive funding from the four faculties of the Weihenstephan Science Centre for Nutrition, Land Use and Environment, Engineering Faculty of Construction, Geo, Environment, Architecture and Economics.Two collaborative projects are coordinated by women scientists of the TUM, three of the five junior research groups also went to the TUM.


  •  "BAYSICS" - Bavarian Synthesis Information Citizen Science Portal for Climate Research and Science Communication; Coordinator: Prof. Dr. Annette Menzel
  •     "BLIZ" - A look into the future: Interactions between society, land use, ecosystem services and biodiversity in Bavaria until 2100; Coordinator: Prof. Dr. Anja Rammig
  •     Energy-active building envelopes as a building block of climate-oriented urban development; Group Management: Dr. Claudia Hemmerle
  •     "MINTBIO" - Impacts of climate change on biological diversity in Bavaria: Multidimensional integration for better biodiversity forecasts; Group management: Dr. Christian Hof
  •     "HyBBEx" - Hysteresis effects of climate extremes in Bavarian beech forest ecosystems; Group Management: Dr. Christian Zang

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