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Shanghai Ranking: 16th place in chemistry worldwide

TUM is Germany's best technical university

TUM is Germany's best technical university.
TUM is Germany's best technical university. (Photo: A. Scharger/ TUM)

TUM in Rankings

In the new edition of the renowned Academic Ranking of World Universities ("Shanghai Ranking"), the Technische Universität München (TUM) occupies 53rd place. This positions TUM as Germany's best technical university by far, and among the top four technical universities in Europe. In the rankings of individual subjects, TUM attained 16th place in chemistry and 30th place in computer science worldwide, ahead of all other German universities.

The well respected ranking by Shanghai Jiao Tong University assesses the research performance of universities worldwide. The evaluation is based mainly on factors such as publications in important journals, scientists' citation rates, and alumni who have won the Nobel Prize or the Fields Medal.

The ranking has always been dominated by American and British universities. TUM was ranked 50th last year. This time the only German universities ranked higher were the University of Heidelberg and Ludwig Maximilians University Munich (both in 49th place). Other German technical universities follow in the ranks between 201 and 300. TUM belongs to Europe's four best technical universities, after ETH Zurich, Imperial College London, and the University of Paris-Sud.

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