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MaxPlanck@TUM: Tenure Track professors leading Max Planck research groups

Enjoy the benefits of a combined career path – by leading a research group at a Max Planck Institute while taking up a professorship at our university. This is an opportunity with long-term prospects and it is only available through the joint appointments offered by the Technical University of Munich (TUM) and the Max Planck Society (MPG).

What are the advantages of the joint appointment?

This program offers highly qualified young scientists the chance to embark on and plan a long-term academic career at one of Europe’s top universities. Appointees manage their research work and teaching hours independently and are rewarded with an attractive entry package, responsibility for their own research group, and academic freedom.

  • If you are chosen for the position of research group leader by the MPG you may subsequently pass through TUM’s selection procedure for a Tenure Track Assistant Professorship (W2 pay scale).
  • After six years, you may be promoted to a tenured associate professorship (pay scale W3) if your evaluation process is successful. This takes place at the end of your tenure phase and is based on the university’s transparent performance criteria. Subsequent promotion to a full professorship is also possible. TUM's faculty recruiting and career system

Wolfgang A. Herrmann, long-serving president of TUM: "From our research facilities through our doctoral program to our professorship career ladders, we have put together an overall package that offers excellent young scientists unique opportunities in the Germany research community."

Researching at a Max Planck Institute – Teaching as Professor at TUM

Research group leader at a Max Planck Institute

Successful candidates will be employed as Max Planck Research Group Leaders for a period of five years at a Max Planck Institute of their choice. The MPG/the institute will provide the required facilities.

Professor at TUM

Research group leaders will be appointed as a TUM Tenure Track Assistant Professor when they start their employment with the MPG (at the same time, if possible). They will have the same rights and obligations as university professors (e.g. the right to award doctorates). They will enjoy full academic and organizational autonomy, i.e. they will have the same ranking as the other professors.

Research and teaching

The initial appointment as professor at TUM will be for 6 years on leave. To ensure that the jointly appointed professors are treated equally to other assistant professors at TUM, the teaching workload during the tenure phase is 5 contact ours per week during the semester (SWS). This teaching can be carried out at TUM and at an International Max Planck Research School (IMPRS). Teaching at TUM

Mentoring team

Assistant professors have the support of a mentoring team during the tenure phase at TUM. They receive advice on organizing their research environment and feedback on their performance. In addition, structured annual performance evaluations are carried out by the mentoring team and the head of department to identify off-track developments at an early stage.

TUM Tenure Track Academy

This program offers assistant professors a dedicated training program. TUM Tenure Track Academy program

Evaluation & Promotion

TUM Tenure Track assistant professors have the opportunity of promotion to a tenured associate professorship (W3). They will be appointed to this position if they meet certain performance criteria. They may subsequently advance to a full professorship.

During the time as Max Planck Research Group Leader

Evaluations during the employment phase are carried out at the MPG and TUM separately in line with each institution's regulations.

Tenure evaluation

After positive evaluation in the final year, candidates are tenured to associate professor (W3 position). Evaluation is based on the university’s pre-defined, transparent assessment criteria. In exceptional cases, the tenure evaluation may be initiated after a minimum of three years, but at the earliest at the same time as the MPG evaluation.

Tenure evaluation will also take place at TUM if the evaluation at MPG was negative but the candidates nevertheless request tenure evaluation.

Promotion to Associate Professor

Following a positive tenure evaluation, the candidates will be promoted to the position of associate professor at TUM (W3 professorship). From this point on, both the professors' salary and work package will be paid by TUM. These will be defined individually during appointment negotiations with the TUM President.

Application & Selection Process

Applicants are selected in a two-stage process – first at the Max Planck Society, then at the Technical University of Munich.

How to apply

All applications must be submitted to the MPG application portal following the rules described there. Applicants who are interested in the joint appointment as an assistant professor at TUM should indicate this in the online application form.

The two stages of the application process are as follows:

1st stage – selection by the Max Planck Society

The MPG selects its candidates from among the applicants. Successful candidates are appointed as research group leaders at a Max Planck Institute.

2nd stage – appointment process at TUM

TUM contacts the candidates who were successful in the MPG selection process. In this second stage, the applicants are asked to submit the documents required for an appointment process at TUM. This includes:

  • Curriculum vitae / résumé
  • Degree certificates (including transcript of records)
  • Diplomas
  • List of publications
  • Three selected publications
  • Presentation of research strategy
  • List of courses taught
  • Descriptive statement on teaching strategy and philosophy
  • Third-party funding
  • Names and addresses of three expert reviewers

Please have all of these documents ready to avoid a delay. However, it is neither necessary nor advisable to send application documents to TUM unless requested to do so.

TUM’s recruitment requirements

Candidates must fulfill the recruitment requirements for Tenure Track Assistant Professors at TUM. After completing their degree and doctorate, candidates must have undertaken substantial research and obtained international experience, and their academic performance must be commensurate with the early stage of their career based on current international assessment criteria. Details: FAQ on TUM's Faculty Recruitment and Career System

Duration of the appointment process

The appointment process at TUM takes a maximum of three months.

Download: Documents on the TUM Faculty Recruitment and Career System