Administrative services

TUM’s various administrative departments form the backbone of the university, providing services for students, prospective students and staff. Proactive, professional and approachable – the university’s administrative teams are always there for you.

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Important regulations, explanatory documents and forms:

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Vehicle hire

You can hire a TUM minibus for work­related travel. As only a small number of vehicles are available, we advise you to book early. More

Job related travel

Whether you are going to a conference or a higher education exhibition, find out how to apply for a job-related trip and claim travel expenses here.

Standard agreements

Standard agreements are in place to reg­ulate important aspects of your work for TUM. These include flexitime options, annual appraisals, Internet use and fair play in the workplace. More

Facility Management

Is the heating not working? Is something faulty in your office? Have you ordered new furniture but need help installing it? Then simply contact the facility manager’s office for assistance. More


TUM employees are eligible for areduced­price annual ticket for Munich local trans­port (MVV), including S-Bahn, U-Bahn, bus and tram. More

Mensa and staff card

Yourstaff card (PersonalCard) is a multi-functional chipcard. It serves as an ID card, a library card and a payment card for the Mensa (cafeteria). More

Media Technology

Our Media Technology department is respon­sible fortechnical equipment in the lec­ture halls. The staff can also lend you pro­jectors and other audio-visual equipment for lectures. More


Do you require a parking space at the university? Then apply to your supervisor for a parking permit. More

Booking rooms

You can search for free lecture theaters and seminar rooms at TUMonline. Just select the option “Suche freie Räume” (find free rooms). You can also book rooms at TUMonline. More

Legal matters & contracts

The TUM Legal Office can assist you with matters like contract wording and copyright law. TUM ForTe offers advice on patents. The functional unit for Functional unit for Academic and Student Affairs can advise you on exam regulations.

Telephone system

Dial "01" for external and "05" for private calls. More info: Applying for a phone line and setting it up, private calls instruction manuals for phones and answering machines at the main campus and Garching.

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Important regulations, explanatory documents and forms: