Talent development

We can support your personal development goals with a range of training programs. These are designed to improve your teaching and managerial skills and broaden your academic horizons.

Develop new skills: From coaching through entrepreneurial know-how to science management – TUM employees can choose from a range of exciting offers. LifeLong Learning

International experience to complement your work: We offer administration and faculty placements abroad. Or you can teach at one of our European partner universities. Going abroad

Leadership at TUM

  • Annual appraisal:Once a year, each member of staff meets with their supervisor for a confidential annual appraisal. Together, they set out personal targets and analyze the employee’s current work situation. The appraisal is designed to help employees improve their performance and teamwork skills. Annual appraisal
  • Performance-based pay: Outstanding professional performance is rewarded at TUM with performance-based pay (only available to employees covered by the pay scale agreement for the public sector in the federal states, TV-L). This may be awarded to employees who take on additional duties, consistently deliver high-quality work, improve processes and help out colleagues. Performance-based pay
  • Disputes or conflictsin the workplace can be resolved by referral to the relevant guidelines or through psychosocial counseling. Conflict management
  • Change management:"(T)UMtopfen" refers to the change management guidelines at TUM – confirming our commitment to entrepreneurial values. Change management