About us

TUMentrepreneurship Education is offered through numerous departments and divisions of the TUM School of Management and UnternehmerTUM, the Center for Innovation and Business Creation at the TUM.

The TUM Entrepreneurship Research Institute (TUM ERI) is one of Europe’s leading research institutes in the emerging field of entrepreneurial studies. The Institute houses an interdisciplinary team of some 20 scientists and devotes its energies to further developing the field and deepening our understanding of entrepreneurial individuals and enterprises. Their activities include research on entrepreneurial cognition and decision-making, the performance of start-up companies and the factors leading to their success. Scientists at the TUM ERI bring the results of their current research directly to bear on TUMentrepreneurship Education and its integrated approach to learning, the StarTUM process. Entrepreneurship Research Institute

Professors at TUM ERI and their research areas:

  • Entrepreneurship Research Institute - Prof. Holger Patzelt, Director
  • Strategic Entrepreneurship -  Prof. Oliver Alexy
  • Entrepreneurial Behavior - Prof. Nicola Breugst
  • International Entrepreneurship - Prof. Hana Milanov

Participating Departments and Divisions

Entrepreneurial Finance (Prof. Achleitner)

Commercial and Private Property Law (Prof. Ann)

Brewery and Food Industry Management (Prof. Belz)

Industrial Design (Prof. Frenkler)

Controlling (Prof. Friedl)

Technology and Innovation Management (Prof. Henkel)

Financial Management and Capital Markets (Prof. Kaserer)

Psychology (Prof. Kehr)

Research and Science Management (Prof. Peus)

Service and Technology Marketing (Prof. von Wangenheim)

Strategy and Organisation (Prof. Welpe)

UnternehmerTUM inspires students, academics and professionals to think and act entrepreneurially, and enables them to do so through practical instruction. UnternehmerTUM fosters initiative, creativity, courage and responsible behavior, combining skills training with the initiation of projects for innovation and business creation. UnternehmerTUM has developed a systematic approach to innovation and business creation processes, bringing together ideas and technologies from science, industry and the entrepreneurial scene to create successful, sustainable products and services. UnternehmerTUM


Dr. Helmut Schönenberger
Oliver Bücken

Training and fostering social entrepreneurship: It is with this goal in mind that Munich’s four institutions of higher education – TUM, Ludwig Maximilians University (LMU), Bundeswehr University Munich (UniBW) and Munich University of Applied Sciences (HM) – joined forces to create the Social Entrepreneurship Academy. The academy offers training in Social Entrepreneurship in the areas of motivation & qualification, community and mentoring of social entrepreneurs. Social Entrepreneurship Akademie