TUMentrepreneurship Education

The central goal of TUMentrepreneurship Education is to inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs through unique, integrated instruction to identify the challenges of our time and develop solutions and business models for sustainable businesses.

The TUMentrepreneurship Education offerings are provided by several chairs and professorships of the TUM School of Management as well as UnternehmerTUM.

Our Task

We offer TUM students and scientists the opportunity to learn the fundamentals of entrepreneurship and to consider establishing their own business as a career opportunity.

We enable those interested in entrepreneurship to begin thinking and acting like entrepreneurs. We encourage them to identify business opportunities and to develop and implement their business ideas.

We offer both theoretical and methodological instruction to participants and introduce and integrate them step-by-step into TUM Entrepreneurship Research Institute (TUM ERI) research projects.

TUMentrepreneurship Education places particular emphasis on the following:

  • instruction and mentoring on all forms of entrepreneurial activity
  • interdisciplinary courses covering the entire spectrum of TUM’s schools and colleges
  • courses in German and English
  • hands-on approach based on scientific research
  • human focus – people are at the heart of what we do

The TUM Entrepreneurship Research Institute (TUM ERI) is one of Europe’s leading research institutes in the emerging field of entrepreneurial studies. The Institute houses an interdisciplinary team of some 20 scientists and devotes its energies to further developing the field and deepening our understanding of entrepreneurial individuals and enterprises. Their activities include research on entrepreneurial cognition and decision-making, the performance of start-up companies and the factors leading to their success. Scientists at the TUM ERI bring the results of their current research directly to bear on TUMentrepreneurship Education and its integrated approach to learning, the StarTUM process. Entrepreneurship Research Institute

Professors at TUM ERI and their research areas:

THINK. MAKE. START. (TMS) is a two-week, practice-oriented, interdisciplinary and competitive teaching format in which students from all schools can participate (credits are given individually related to the study program). It is organised by the different chairs of TUM, TUM ForTe, and UnternehmerTUM. The participants get access to the high-tech workshop Makerspace and budget to transform their own ideas into real prototypes. The goal is to promote innovation and facilitate the creation of new spin-outs at TUM.

UnternehmerTUM inspires students, academics and professionals to think and act entrepreneurially, and enables them to do so through practical instruction. UnternehmerTUM fosters initiative, creativity, courage and responsible behavior, combining skills training with the initiation of projects for innovation and business creation. UnternehmerTUM has developed a systematic approach to innovation and business creation processes, bringing together ideas and technologies from science, industry and the entrepreneurial scene to create successful, sustainable products and services. UnternehmerTUM

Learning entrepreneurship – through our workshops, training classes, lectures and MBA program for founders and corporates.

Combine scientific excellence with entrepreneurial ambition: With your master's thesis, you can create added value for society here. In the TUM Entrepreneurial Masterclass, you will dedicate yourself to your master's thesis. While you create an excellent scientific thesis, you pursue your entrepreneurial ambitions and create real added value for society.


The Center for Digital Technology and Management (CDTM),a joint institution of TUM and LMU, offers an interdisciplinary additional study program (honors degree) focused on trend research, product development, entrepreneurship and soft skills.


Training and promoting social entrepreneurship: With this goal, the four Munich universities jointly founded the Social Entrepreneurship Academy: TUM, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität (LMU), Universität der Bundeswehr (UniBW) and Hochschule München (HM). The academy bundles the activities on social entrepreneurship, in the areas of motivation & qualification, community and consulting of social entrepreneurs.


StarTUM - The Integrated TUMentrepreneurship Education Approach

TUMentrepreneurship Education instructs and guides its participants through all the different phases of establishing a business, ensuring that the content and method of instruction is practically oriented and tailored to the needs of each project. Our program is geared toward participants with a variety of disciplinary backgrounds and experience, from Bachelor's and Master's students, to doctoral and post-doctoral candidates through to scientists and professionals.



What options do I have besides traditional employment?

See for yourself!



Can I make a living from being an entrepreneur?

Get in touch with real entrepreneurs!



Do I want to become an entrepreneur?

Find out how it feels to be an entrepreneur!



What do I have to do to become an entrepreneur?

Recognize opportunities and get all the important information!  



How do I get my own business started?

Get Practical!




How can I understand more about entrepreneurship
theory and advance it further by doing cutting edge research?

Delve deep!


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