US Venture Program

The Technical University of Munich has many hightech inventions, top research results and high-qualified scientists. The only thing missing is the “proactive entrepreneurship spirit” with a global mindset: take risks, take heart even you may fail, sell your business idea with passion and belief and bring your Start-up to international market. To empower the best 5 TUM Start-ups and help them to get that spirit there is no better place as Silicon Valley to get taught by experts, to get inspired by Entrepreneurs and to take their business idea to the next level.

Who are we looking for?
- You are a TUM hightech Startup with a product/ service (not “just” an idea)
- Your Startup must be technology based
- You have validated your core hypothesis through a lean approach
- You know your target market, your competitors and your customers
- You know your USP
- You are a complete team
- At least one of your team member is from TUM (student, scientist, employee or Alumni)
- You are not founded yet (except you get EXIST sponsored at the moment)
- You are pro-active and willing to create a part of your schedule on your own (meeting mentors, experts, peers)
- You are willing to share your experience you made in the Valley with other TUM Startups back in Germany (e.g. in Incubator lectures)

What can you expect?
- Workshops and lectures
- one-to-one pitch coaching
- Company visits
- Time for self-arranged meetings with mentors, experts, peers at meet up groups (up to 50% of your time)
- Topics covered: Decoding SV, Networking in SV, Crafting Startup Narratives (Storytelling), Managing change and pivoting (design thinking), fundraising, trend scouting, building a SV Startup, Investor insights
- Possibility to pitch your idea at different public events 2

What we provide:
- flight (self-booking upfront, refund after attending the program)
- Hotel
- Co-working space
- occasional meals

What you have to contribute:
- passion for designing a new program and being a TUM Startup
- willing to meet mentors, experts and peers in the valley (mandatory)
- certain meals which are not covered from us (own coast)
- transportation in SV/ SFO (own cost)

Application Criteria:
- Pitch Deck in English
- Video pitch in English (3min)
- Motivation letter or video (1 page/ 1min)
- Startup presentation (1 page with name, team incl. competences, product/ service, market, customers) This will be send to mentors/ experts and open to the public!
- US contact list (5-10 names of potential mentors, experts, clients or investors you want to meet in SV)

Program 2017

The Technical University of Munich (TUM) takes its start-ups to Silicon Valley. Five teams spent ten days building networks in the start-up scene, interacting with managers from global players and learning from experts. Isabell Franck from data analysis specialist IPT and Artem Kuchukov from the construction technology company KEWAZO participated in the first "US Venture Program".
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The US Venture Program in Media

"TUM Start-ups at Silicon Valley" (youtube channel of TUM, 2:59 Min.)



Startup Stoty "7 Takeaways for every Entrepreneur coming to the Silicon Valley for the First Time" by Crashtest Security

We are Felix and René from the Munich-based cyber security startup Crashtest Security and want to share our 7 key learnings, which we made during our first trip to the Silicon Valley. If you are also interested in cyber security and want to learn more about our security scanner for web applications, checkout our website. Together with 4 other startups from the TUM we had the unique opportunity to make a trip to the Valley and get to know the ecosystem from different perspectives. These were our key learnings: read on

Participants 2017