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These day’s it’s all about university spin-offs, and TUM is no exception. The university has been a pioneer in this area for 130 years now! From Carl Linde and Willy Messerschmitt to Stefan Vilsmeier and Manfred Stefener – their companies changed and are continuing to change the world with their innovative inventions.

The sheer range of TUM start-ups is reflected in our gallery of founders. Here you’ll find a brief profile of current and established TUM spin-offs. Companies founded, A-Z

Carl Linde, a young professor at what was then the Polytechnic School of Munich (Polytechnische Schule zu München), discovered the principle of artificial refrigeration 130 years ago. Claude Dornier and Willy Messerschmitt laid the foundations of their careers at Technical University of Munich as well.
Entrepreneurial pioneers

As a tribute to the valuable contributions of successful founders, the long-serving president of TUM, Wolfgang A. Herrmann, set up a select group of companies as an example of what could be achieved. These “Entrepreneurs of Excellence” were honored every two years as part of the Dies academicus.
Entrepreneurs of Excellence

Entrepreneurial successes

TUM has a long and storied tradition of entrepreneurship. A number of globally successful technology companies got their start at TUM: Carl von Linde was one of our first professors. He founded “Gesellschaft für Lindes Eismaschinen AG” in 1877. Claude Dornier studied mechanical engineering here and founded Dornier-Metallbauten GmbH. Both of these start-ups have since developed into globally successful companies.


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