For our Professors & leading science managers

For the needs of our professors and leading science managers at TUM you will find tailor-made training and coaching offers at Faculty@TUM and ProLehre | Medien & Didaktik.

Leading in Science: Faculty@TUM is our evidence-based, custom-tailored development program for Professors and Senior Science Managers.
In your role as leader, you may be confronted with complex challenges such as finding the best talents and leading diverse teams. Our courses at Faculty@TUM are designed to support you in your leadership role with a comprehensive Training- and Coaching portfolio. The Chair of Research and Science Management provides you with concrete tools and techniques for responsible leadership and effective research management. Courses are held by recognized experts and knowledgeable researchers in the field of leadership and management. Selected training and coaching programs especially offered for all Tenure Track professors are provided by the Tenure Track Academy

Improve the quality of your teaching: Our offer combines findings from teaching and learning research with the experience of university lecturers and the design options that educational technologies and digitization offer. ProLehre | Media and Didactics