• 3/22/2022
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TUM Integration Program and Direct Financial Aid

Support for Students Impacted by War on Ukraine

The war on Ukraine has made it impossible for many young people to continue their studies. In response to these extraordinary circumstances, the Technical University of Munich (TUM) has launched an integration program to provide students impacted by the war with unbureaucratic access to the university environment. Also, TUM will support students in financial need with direct aid.

Andreas Heddergott / TUM
Support for students affected by the Ukraine war (symbol image)

As a result of the war on Ukraine, countless young people are no longer able to pursue their studies or, in some cases, even begin them. The effects are also being felt at TUM with students worried about their families and friends or suddenly faced with difficulties covering costs in the absence of financial support from home.

Continuing Studies in Germany

Drawing on the positive experience of our auditor program for refugees in 2015, TUM is offering low-threshold access to the university environment for all those who had already begun their studies in Ukraine and are now unable to continue them there or return to a safe home country. Participants can use the auditor program to orient themselves within TUM's disciplinary spectrum, attend selected courses at TUM, and take examinations for the purpose of self-assessment.

Direct Financial Aid for Impacted Students

Many students are currently in financial distress through no fault of their own. As a demonstration of its solidarity, TUM has launched its own fundraising campaign to provide prompt and unbureaucratic relief. In doing so, the university makes a substantial contribution to the emergency fund of the Free State of Bavaria with the aim of supporting affected students in need and alleviating the burden of financial hardship with direct financial aid.

To ensure that funds are distributed without delay to those in the greatest need, TUM will contact affected students directly. In addition, all students have access to the TUM job portal, where they can find numerous offers for part-time jobs and assistant positions to help them finance their studies and living expenses.

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