• 06/13/2012

Easy, fast, mobile

Revamped website www.tum.de

As of today, users of the TUM website will find what they are looking for even faster. The Technische Universität München has made its internet presence cleaner, faster and more mobile. New are not only the look and content of <link http://www.tum.de>www.tum.de</link>: The TUM now presents itself optimally on mobile devices while on the road. The core areas will be first, with all other pages following in the next few months.

The new www.tum.de on a smartphone. (Photo: Benz / TUM)
The new www.tum.de on a smartphone. (Photo: Benz / TUM)

Whether looking for student counseling services while sitting in a train or watching a clip on the latest inventions while sitting in the garden: as of today, this is no problem on www.tum.de. The content served up by the new internet presence of the TU München is adapted to the device at hand. When visiting the TUM using a smartphone or tablet computer, users will see a version geared specifically to the screen size and functionality of the device they are using.

Improved user friendliness in every regard – that was the aim of the TUM. New content provides quick orientation. Thousands of existing pages were reorganized by topic and linked accordingly. Categories like “Studying at TUM”, “Research” and “TUM and Business” will take users from the home page to the desired information faster.

Shorter page loading times speed things up further. The contents of the new system are available with universal access for all kinds of users.

The newly designed layout with its clearly structured pages makes the website significantly clearer. Vibrant images and an unobtrusive color scheme in the elegant TUM blue provide real eye-catchers against a pleasantly subdued background.

University staff responsible for managing the content will also profit from the redesign. Posting content has become much easier thanks to the Typo 3 content management system.

The fresh, new “online face” of the TUM was launched with the core areas of the website. In the coming months the remaining tens of thousands of pages will be gradually transferred to the new system. Then further features, like the often-requested new calendar for all TUM appointments, can also go live.

The relaunch is a joint project of the Corporate Communications Center and the IT Service Center of the TUM in collaboration with the agency in2code.


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Jörg Schneider
IT Service Center
Tel.: 089 289 26853
E-Mail: j.schneiderspam prevention@tum.de

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