Accommodating Disabilities during Examinations

TUM takes into consideration the type and extent of a disability during examinations. Affected students can petition the examination committee of their respective school or college to arrange special accommodations.

Bachelor's and Master's Programs

Paragraph 19 of the TUM General Academic and Examination Regulations (APSO) states that:

  (1) Examination procedures must take into consideration the type and extent of a disability. If the student proves in good faith that he or she is unable to take an examination, or part of an examination, due to a long-term or chronic physical disability, special accommodations can be arranged such as extending the time to take the examination or restructuring the examination procedure. The student must provide a medical certificate from a physician upon request.
 (2) Decisions made by the examination committee in accordance with paragraph 1 are carried out in consultation with the examiner.
(3) Paragraphs 1 and 2 apply to oral examinations accordingly.

Diploma Programs

Paragraph 9 (4) of the TUM General Diplom Examination  Regulations [Allgemeinen Diplomprüfungsordnung der TU München (ADPO)] stipulates that: "Students with a long-term or chronic physical disability will be provided up to 25 percent more time to complete written examinations provided the disability justifies the time extension. A request for additional time to take an examination must be submitted in writing to the chairman of the examination committee and must be submitted along with the exam registration. Requests received at a later point will be considered only if the disability arises after registration. The chairman of the examination committee can request a medical certificate from a physician, or in some cases, an additional certificate from the public health department."


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