Hardship Guidelines

When applying for programs with limited admissions (numerus clausus) or which require aptitude tests, a hardship petition can help put disadvantaged applicants on  equal footing.

Degree programs requiring an aptitude assessment

For degree programs requiring a two-step aptitude assessment procedure prior to acceptance, enrollment can be denied during step 1 (See list of degree programs that fall into this category). In these cases a hardship petition can help applicants bypass step 1 and advance directly to step 2 of aptitude assessment. The application deadline varies from school to school based on their selection interview schedule. (Current interview schedules are available on the home page of the school or degree program). We therefore recommended that you submit your hardship petition together with your application to the university.

Application form

Numerus clausus (NC) degree programs
Information regarding numerus clausus programs is available on the Munich Student Union website.

Secondary School Disability Assessment

Did your disability or chronic illness have a negative impact on your final grades in secondary school? In this case, you can submit a disability assessment that clarifies what your grades would have been in the absence of the disability or chronic illness. Contact your school to obtain such an assessment.