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Academic Coaching

Dear students!

Even though we are currently unable to offer personal coaching sessions at the moment, we can still be reached by email: lerncoaching.ssz@tum.de 

We are happy to arrange coaching appointments by phone for the time being. 

Your Academic Coaching team

Studying in a foreign country is not always easy. During your studies you might find yourself overwhelmed by all the material you need to learn. You might be afraid of failing an upcoming exam or you are running out of preparation time. You might also feel that you cannot cope with all the requirements of student life and the new cultural impressions.

We can support you whenever you feel you are not progressing in your studies the way you would like to. During the coaching sessions we take time to analyze your individual learning patterns and to identify any hurdles that prevent you from studying. We jointly develop your individual strategy for a successful study time at the TU Munich.

Everything we discuss during our sessions is confidential.


  • General learning difficulties
  • Language and cultural hurdles
  • Feelings of self-doubt and of being overwhelmed by the workload
  • Stress and anxiety in exam situations
  • Procrastination issues
  • Feelings of being left alone during your studies

We also offer workshops and seminars in German dealing with learning and exam preparation:

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