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Grade Conversion using the Bavarian Formula

This grade conversion formula, together with your degree program’s "Fachprüfungs- und Studienordnung" (FPSO), is a tool to help your convert grades earned in countries other than Germany. Please note that this tool is only intended to provide a first orientation and the results are in no way binding.

Converted grades are calculated using the “modified Bavarian formula”, as follows:

best possible grade in the foreign grading system (Nmax) minus grade earned (Nd), divided by

best possible grade in the foreign grading system (Nmax) minus worst possible passing grade (Nmin) in the foreign grading system,

multiply the result by 3, and add 1

The graphic below may also be helpful:

Grafik zur Errechnung der Bayerischen Formel
Image: TUM

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