Enrollment Info Portal

Here you will find all information about your enrollment at TUM: How does enrollment work? How much is the semester fee? What do I do if I am blocked from enrolling for next semester? Can I defer a study place?

If you have any questions regarding application and admission, you can always contact the Student Information.


How can I enroll after I have been admitted to a degree program at TUM?


I have been suspended from enrolling for next semester. What do I have to do now?

Deferring Your Studies

I have been admitted to a degree program, but I would like to start it at a later date. Can I defer my studies?

Mandatory Health Insurance

How can I prove that I have health insurance? What special regulations apply to international students?

Semester Fees & Semester Ticket

How much is the semester fee for my campus? By when do I have to transfer it? And how does the semester ticket work?

Student Card & MediCard

How do I get my Student Card or MediCard? How can I renew its validity? And what functions does it have?