Auditor Program

The auditor program allows you to take part in individual courses at TUM. As guest auditor, you are not enrolled and do not have student status.

How and when can I register as auditor?

  • You may register as an auditor for the summer and winter semester.
  • Registration for the winter semester takes place from 15.09. – 15.10. The fee needs to be paid by 19.11.
  • Registration for the summer semester takes place from 15.03. – 15.04. The fee needs to be paid by 14.05.
  • The registration for the auditor program can be done online via the portal TUMonline. Please create a personal applicant account and upload the completed “application form for registration as guest auditor” during the online application process.
  • During your registration you can select the courses you wish to attend. You can find an overview of the courses offered by TUM in the course catalogue.
  • To register, you will need your passport and a copy of your university entrance qualification (e.g. your school graduation certificate, diploma certificate, bachelor's certificate etc.)

What are the fees?

  • The fee for registering as an auditor depends on the number of courses you wish to attend.
  • The fee is € 100 per semester, as long as you visit courses with a total of no more than 4 semester hours per week. For courses with a total of up to 8 semester hours per week the fee is € 200,-, and if you register for courses with a total of more than 8 semester hourse per week the fee is € 300,- per semester.

Auditor status for physical education teachers or feelance sports teachers

  • If you have registered for the non-academic training to become a physical education teacher or freelance sports teacher, you will also be registered as an auditor.
  • In this case, the fee per semester is € 300,-
  • Participants of this program may take the required exams in the course of the training program even though they are registered as auditors.