Information on the Final Failure of an Examination

Please note: The following information should offer you some guidance when you have failed an exam for the last time. Depending on your personal situation, you may have to consider further issues.

Mandatory Withdrawal for Academic Reasons

After the Examination Committee decides that an examination has been “irreversibly failed”, you will automatically receive an official examination notification by mail. This notification informs you that your name will automatically be removed from the register of students within three days. For those of you who are students of medicine, please inform yourselves about the process at your Examination Office. 

Enrollment Office

If you would like to withdraw from the degree program before receiving your examination notification, you can file an application at the Enrollment Office. By doing so, you do not avoid withdrawal for academic reasons, i.e., for having ultimately failed an examination.  

Health Insurance

We will inform your health insurance company about your leaving the university. Nevertheless, you should contact your health insurance company. The conditions of your health insurance policy might then change depending on your age and your current or future income.

The German student loan, BAföG

If you receive BAföG, a student loan, you must notify their Munich office, BAföG-Amt des Studentenwerks München immediately. As a rule, financial support can only be granted up to the date of your last examination.

Student dormitory room / student lodging

If you have rented a room of the Studentenwerks (a student welfare organization), then you may continue to live there for three months (= term of notice) as a “student” who is no longer enrolled. This term of notice is effective from the time of the next enrollment verification, which is in May or November of a year.


Students who are required to have a visa for their stay in Germany must report to their district authorities, Kreisverwaltungsreferat (KVR) , when any changes occur in their study status.

Studies at the TUM

You may apply for another study program provided that it is not related to the program from which you were withdrawn. For details, please consult the Fachprüfungs- und Studienordnungen (Examination and Academic Regulations of your department). In addition to the standard online-application , you must only hand in those documents that have not yet been submitted to the Enrollment Office. Enrollment without an official application is not possible, even if you wish to enroll for programs that do not have restricted admissions.

If you would like to speak to us in person, you can make an appointment with general student advising or the departmental student advising of your degree program.

Studies at Another University

To apply to or register with another German university or college, you need a withdrawal certificate. You can print this out yourself inn TUMonline under "Prints for Students"; the download is available as soon as the withdrawal has been processed. You must inquire at the universities to which you intend to apply whether you are permitted to study the same academic subject. In the Hochschulkompass (University Compass), you can research degree programs and universities.

Advising and Information

You have questions about application, admission or administrative matters?

Please have your applicant or application number ready.

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