Consumer Affairs

Master of Science (M.Sc.)

An application for this degree program is no longer possible. Please contact TUM School of Management for more Information:

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Key Data

Type of Study
  • Full Time
Language of Instruction
  • English
Main Locations Admission Category
Start of Degree Program
  • Winter Semester (October)
Standard Duration of Studies
(Number of Semesters)
  • 4 semesters fulltime
Credits Costs

Information on Degree Program

What does this program cover?

Consumer Affairs is a world-wide rising field in research and higher education. It analyses consumers in their economic, social and ecological environment. The demand for higher education graduates in this field is very high, especially from corporate and governmental sectors as well as from consumer organizations. Beside the theoretical and methodical basics in Consumer Affairs, students choose modules from the specializations Consumer, Technology and Innovation and Sustainable Consumption, and further electives. 

How is the program structured?

  • The first semester concentrates on the required Basics of Consumer Affairs and Electives in Economics.
  • In the second and third semester, the focus lies on the courses of the chosen specialization – Sustainable Consumption (SC) or Consumer, Technology and Innovation (CTI). These are complemented by further General Modules in Consumer Affairs.
  • The program is completed with the Master’s Thesis in the fourth semester.

Which further expertise and skills will I acquire?

As a graduate of the Master’s program in Consumer Affairs, you have gained an in-depth understanding of consumer behavior and the associated research methods.

Due to the flexible and interdisciplinary focus of the degree program, you have acquired further qualifications in one of the offered specializations:

Consumer, Technology and Innovation

This specialization deals with the consumer in context of the development of technologies, products and services within markets and inside companies. For instance, issues for driving innovations and the role of the consumer in this process will be discussed. Besides, the economic and legal aspects related to this topic will be considered, too.

 The specialization can contain the following modules:

  • Advanced Technology and Innovation Management
  • Advanced Topics in Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  • Case Study Seminar: Stratetic Management of Technology and Innovation
  • Consumer History
  • Food Economics
  • Human Values and Business Ethics
  • Life Science Economics and Policy
  • Marketing and Innovation Management
  • Regulatory Economics and Policy 


Sustainable Consumption

Over the last decades the topic of sustainability has become increasingly important. Water, energy and food are limited commodities. For this reason careful utilisation is indispensable for humanity. Everybody is directly involved by consuming daily goods and services. This specialization deals with topics about consumer behaviour, but also with the impact of companies and governments with regard to the concept of sustainable consumption. In this context, students deal with topics of sustainable consumption and marketing.

The specialization can contain the following modules:

Advanced Environmental and Natural Resource Economics

  • Climate Change Economics
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Corporate Sustainability

Which professional opportunities can I take up with this qualification?

Binding Regulations for Progression of Studies, Examinations and Application

Application and Admission

How does the application process work?

An application for this degree program is no longer possible. Please contact TUM School of Management for more information.

What application periods and deadlines do I need to meet?

An application for this degree program is no longer possible. Please contact TUM School of Management for more information.

On what basis does TUM select applicants for admission?

Selection takes place through an aptitude assessment procedure. Aptitude assessment is a two-part procedure after the submission of an official application to a program. In this procedure, the TUM school or department determines whether you meet the specific requirements for its master’s degree program.

In the initial stages, the grades you obtained during your bachelor's program, as well as your written documents, will be evaluated using a point system. Depending on the amount of points accumulated, applicants are either immediately admittedrejected or invited to an admissions interview

What are my options after earning this degree?

You have earned your master’s degree and are ready to start your career? TUM Alumni & Career can assist you with questions regarding professional orientation, job search and job application.

If you are interested in continuing your studies, you will find information of doctoral studies at TUM, here.