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Before your studies begin: Orientation programs, pre-study courses and preparatory courses

You want to study at TUM, but don’t know which degree program is right for you? You want to freshen up on your math skills or have never experienced a lecture hall before? Then this is just the thing for you!

Prior to a bachelor’s degree program

You’re not certain if a degree program in mathematics, natural sciences or technical sciences is right for you? You can’t decide which bachelor’s program you want to apply for? You want to know what it’s like to study at TUM? TUM’s orientation programs can help!

Orientation Program

studium MINT and studium naturale acquaint you with TUM and provide insight into TUM’s schools and departments. The programs are designed to help participants make an informed decision about their choice of bachelor’s program, as well as to facilitate later entry into a degree program.

Explore the possibilities for study in Mathematics, Informatics, Natural sciences and Technology. 

What’s it about?

studium MINT is a semester-long preparatory studies program at TUM that provides you fundamental knowledge in mathematics and physics. You become familiar with the degree programs in MINT subjects by taking part in regular lectures within the bachelor’s degree programs

  • You gain insight into career prospects by going on excursions and attending presentations.
  • By taking part in an interdisciplinary engineering project, you learn to effectively combine your knowledge of both the engineering and technical sciences.
Who's it for?
  • Applicants interested in engineering sciences and technology who aren’t sure which program of study suits them best.
  • Graduates and qualified professionals wanting to broaden or freshen up their scientific knowledge or wishing to fully prepare themselves for a technical bachelor’s program.
  • Prospective students wanting to familiarize themselves with performance requirements and daily life at a technical institution of higher education to find out if a technical program suits their interests and abilities.
  • Anyone wanting an overview of careers and research fields available within the engineering and technical sciences.

Explore the possibilities for study in mathematics, physics, biology and chemistry. 

What's it about?

studium naturale is a semester-long preparatory studies program at TUM aimed at prospective students interested in the natural and life sciences who are still unsure about their specialization.

  • The program provides you with a broad disciplinary knowledge of fundamentals in mathematics, physics, biology and chemistry.
  • You’re given the opportunity to “try out” scientific study and get acquainted with TUM’s degree programs.
  • The program is designed to provide participants with adequate experience to choose the “right” degree program.
Who's it for?
  • Applicants interested in natural sciences and technology who aren’t sure which program of study suits them best.
  • Graduates of academic secondary schools specializing in musical, linguistic or classical studies wanting to broaden their knowledge of fundamentals before attending a scientific-technical degree program.
  • Prospective students with vocational training and practical experience interested in taking up scientific study.
  • Anyone not sure if scientific study is the right choice and wanting to find out before they decide.

Differences between studium MINT and studium naturale

studium MINT studium naturale
Start of program summer semester (April) winter semester (October)
Duration 1 Semester 2 semesters
Primary location Garching-Foschungszentrum Wissenschaftszentrum Weihenstephan
Disciplinary focus Engineering and technical sciences natural and life sciences

You want to freshen up on your math skills prior to the start of a degree program? To ensure a successful start, the TUM Department of Mathematics offers special pre-study courses for many programs.

ExploreTUM acts as the interface between TUM and prospective students, developing special courses together with the TUM schools and departments for secondary school students, as well as for teachers and parents. In addition to numerous info events, mentoring programs and initiatives to promote talent, there are special workshops providing advice for orientation, open house days, competitions and introductory courses. Check it out - it’s worth it!

The student academic advising and the TUM schools and departments organize numerous events aimed especially at freshmen for better orientation. 

Prior to a master’s degree program

You’re interested in a master’s degree program at TUM, or have already been accepted? Here, you’ll find events and courses to give you an overview and help you get started.

Summer School and Winter School are directed at students already enrolled in a bachelor’s degree program and interested in a master’s degree program at TUM. The programs, lasting three to six weeks, focus on different areas of specialization, including nanotechnology, geodesy, informatics, electrical engineering and information technology. Other activities within the program allow students get to know each other, visit companies or further develop their intercultural competencies.

The pre-study course is aimed at international students already admitted to a master’s program at TUM and wanting to fully prepare themselves before the new semester begins.

At the annual Master’s Fair, you can find out all there is to know about the vast range of master’s degree programs at TUM.

To us, studying means more than attending lectures, passing exams and collecting credit points. TUM offers many other opportunities to gain useful skills and competencies you can apply later in life, beyond study and work. Whether it be language courses, intercultural communication, academic work, software courses or courses in business skills - find out about the opportunities available.

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