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Publication of Grades and Notification of Examination Results

At the end of each semester you will receive a Notification of Examination Results from the Central Examination Office – you will be informed either per email or receive the document directly by post.

The document lists all examinations you have taken, as well as the grades and number of credits earned for those examinations, and is intended as an aid in monitoring the progress of your studies. The document also informs you about the legal ramifications resulting from your examination results. We encourage you to read the notification carefully upon receipt to ensure that your examination and academic credits have been properly documented in TUMonline and that you are informed about your rights and obligations.

Should you note any inconsistencies regarding academic subject, grades, or the correlation of this information to the relevant semester, you may submit an appeal or file suit within one month of the date of receipt of notification to the address provided therein. Before pursuing one of these legal actions, which incur costs, we advise you to first consult your school or department – in Weihenstephan, the program division or Central Examination Office – to clarify the matter.

If no appeal or suit is filed within the one month grace period, the grades for the relevant semester become legally valid.

For more information on viewing your exam results and downloading the Notification, see here.

Please note the following:

  • All important information on downloading your Notification and viewing your current grades in TUMonline is contained in the email ( MyTUM-adress), sent to you by the Central Examination Office. Please read this email carefully and note the deadlines listed therein.
  • Please keep your current address updated in TUMonline to ensure receipt of Notifications sent per post.
  • Please note: some lecturers still post grades in the MyTUM-Portal.