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Registering and Cancelling Examinations

Please note that nearly all programs have examination registration deadlines that must be observed (Link zu den Seiten d. Fak.). Repeated or even one-time failure to adhere to these deadlines can mean failing the entire course of study, thus leading to withdrawal from the degree program.

There are two types of examinations: so-called block examinations and course work examinations in your degree program.

Registration and schedules for course work examinations in your degree program

Bachelor's and master's programs are based on examinations taken as part of your course work during the entire degree program. Each module typically has an end-of-semester examination. For the majority of the bachelor's and master's programs, registration occurs via TUMonline. You can use this online portal for a variety of tasks including: 

  • registering for and withdrawing from examinations
  • checking the examination room and date
  • checking the examination results
  • communicating with the lecturers
  • downloading Notification of Examination Results
  • printing out credit verification and account statements

In some instances mandatory registrations, such as for fundamentals or repeat examinations, are handled through your school's office of student affairs.

Information about registering for examinations is available here

Registration and schedules for so-called block examinations (DVP/DHP)

Block examinations are given in discontinued diploma degree programs or state exam programs. They normally occur in the middle (pre-diploma) or at the end (diploma exam or state exam) of the course of study and cover all of the material taught during the entire course of study.For degree programs that are still structured around block examinations — generally speaking the diploma degree programs — registration for block exams is typically handled by the responsible examination office.

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