TUM Future Learning Initiative

The TUM Future Learning Initiative (TFLI) aims to activate the creative potential of our students for the development of innovative teaching formats and methods. Join in, and help us shape the future of teaching at TUM.

Thank your for your participation!

Thank you very much for the numerous suggestions we received for the TUM Future Learning Initiative. 

In a double peer review, the Working Group has selected the ideas that will be further elaborated with the support of experts in teaching and university didactics. In September 2020, a university-wide online voting will take place. Information about the next steps and the exact schedule will be available here soon.

What is the TUM Future Learning Initiative?

The TUM AGENDA 2030 has set out to mobilize your various talents and interests through a forward-looking reform of teaching, individualized competency profiles, and opening new horizons through the integration of technology-related humanities and social sciences. It is one of our central concerns to involve our students in this reform process as central players in shaping the teaching of the future.

As such, we invite you, our students, to get involved with the TUM Future Learning Initiative – take part in a collaborative, lively exchange to make our teaching ready for the world of tomorrow. Prompt us toward unconventional approaches, toward stimulating new forms of interaction, toward inventive virtual formats, or teaching projects, whether analogue or digital. Share with us your ideas, your creativity, your vision!

The TUM Future Learning Initiative is designed in four stages:

  • In the first phase, all TUM students are invited to propose innovative ideas and concepts for new teaching formats and methods.
  • In the second phase, the TFLI Working Group selects the most promising proposals. The contributors are invited to further develop their ideas supported by experts in teaching.
  • In the third phase, the results of this workshop will be discussed in a university-wide online voting. The concepts with the best results will then be presented to the university public. Together with international experts, the ideas that will find their way into teaching at TUM will be selected at the TFLI event.
  • In the fourth phase, the successful proposals from the TUM Future Learning Initiative will be implemented in a pilot project.