Talent Development, Scholarships and Awards

There are numerous organizations that foster highly engaged and talented students by offering material and non-material support, as well as special advisory services. Which program is right for you?  

The TUM: Junge Akademie fosters the talent of TUM's most outstanding students and young alumni by creating an environment that allows them to pursue the development of their ideas. Guided by experienced mentors, academy fellows discuss and reflect on important business, political and social issues.

To become a member of the academy, students must be nominated by the dean or dean of studies of their school or college, and/or submit a direct application supported by a member of the professorial faculty of the Technische Universität München. More

Programs for Talent Development

Each year, the Bavarian Elite Academy supports up to 30 gifted students from all of Bavaria's universities. The three-semester continuing education program, which runs parallel to and enhances the student's academic program at TUM, is carried out under the guiding principle of "values-oriented leadership and responsibility." 

The Max Weber Program was established by the Bavarian government under the framework of the Bavarian Elite Network. The program is administered through the German National Academic Foundation and targets gifted university students in Bavaria. More

Many students rely on scholarships to finance their university education. If you are searching for a program that suits your needs, we have put together an overview of the most important scholarship programs and foundations. More

In 2016, TUM is once again organizing the "Academicus" idea contest. The contest is designed to inspire all TUM students, employees, scientists, researchers, professors and alumni to take an active role in improving teaching and learning at the university. 

The database contains tips and information ranging from awards for bachelor's or master's theses and foreign scholarships to idea contests. More