TUM Scholarships

Are you looking for a suitable scholarship? The scholarship programs described below are offered direct through the TUM. 

Who Can Qualify: currently enrolled undergraduates and graduates with university entrance certificates from Germany or abroad
Scholarship Amount: €300 per month
Qualification Requirements:Primary criteria are academic achievement and aptitude. Social engagement, a sense of responsibility and special circumstances such as physical handicaps or a minority status (immigrant background) are also taken into consideration

Who Can Qualify: currently-enrolled undergraduates and graduates with non-German university entrance certificates
Scholarship Amount: one-time financial aid of €500 to €1,500 per semester
Qualification Requirements: good academic record (merit), proven need (low income)

Who Can Apply
Students with university entrance certificates from Germany and abroad, , who have completed at least two semesters at the TUM
Currently-enrolled undergraduate and graduate students
Qualification Requirements

  • Academically-outstanding or students demonstrating financial need
  • Low income (proof of need)
  • No prior financial aid received from the Oskar Karl Forster scholarship fund


Who Can Apply
Students with university entrance certificates from Germany and abroad
Doctoral candidates
Qualification Requirements
Dissertation with a final grade of at least "magna cum laude"
Applicant may not earn more than the amount of a full scholarship (in the last 6 months) as outlined in the German statute covering financial support for young scientific and artistic talent. Current limit is €1400 per month.


Target groups: For undergraduate and graduate students of the School of Mechanical Engineering in the field of thermal engineering
Scholarship Amount: Up to €550 per month

For stays abroad for study, research or internships, there are various support programs for the European and non-European foreign countries.
You will find them at the TUM Global & Alumni Office

Graduation Scholarship awarded by TUM

As part of the DAAD STIBET I program, TUM awards the graduation scholarship from the Federal Foreign Office.
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The „Application Extension“ form is no longer available for order or as electronically open document. DAAD scholarship holders have to log-in with their personal account at the DAAD-Portal to download the documents for the extension.

Who Can Qualify: doctoral and post-doctoral candidates
Scholarship Amount: up to €1,500 for conference participation and up to €5,000 for research projects
Qualification Requirements: applicants are chosen based on academic performance