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Scholarships for International Students

TUM on behalf of the Bavarian government

Scholarships for international students attending the TUM funded through budget resources from the Bavarian government

Scholarship Amount
One-time financial aid between €500 and €1,500 per semester

Submission period
WiSe 01.10.-25.10.2019

Target groups

Who Can Qualify
international students

Currently-enrolled undergraduate and graduate students

Qualification Requirements
- Bachelor students who have successfully completed their 2nd semester at the TUM

- Master students who have successfully completed their 1st semester at TUM

- no submission of your thesis before June 30th (SoSe) and December 31st (WiSe)

- Good academic record (merit)

- low income (proof of need): applicant can´t afford the living expenses (§13 and §13a BAföG)

- low income of the applicants parents


Application and recommendations must be submitted all together during the submission period

- SoSe 01.04.-26.04.2019

- WiSe 01.10.-25.10.2019

Further information on the application can be found in this announcement and legal details (Datenschutzerklärung).


Please refrain from inquiries regarding your application status. You will receive the result by end-June / mid-December.

Point of Contact
Frau Po Sang Lam