Verifications of TUM-Degrees and Confirmations

You have completed your studies at TUM and need to have your degree verified for potential employers? Here is what you need to know. 

Verification of a TUM-Degree

Once you have successfully completed your studies at TUM, you can have your degree verified. This means that TUM confirms the authenticity of your degree certificate. 

To do this, we need a personally signed statement of authorization. Please fill in the authorization and send it to the address stated in the document. 

Confirmation of Study Data

All relevant study data including the standard duration of study can be found on your certificate of enrollment. You can download this in your TUMonline account in the application “Documents”.

On the certificate of enrollment you will find a verification code which can be used to check its authenticity.

Please note: Information beyond the data provided on the certificate of enrollment, such as attendance or duration of studies, cannot be confirmed. Forms from other authorities cannot be filled out or signed (an exception is made for forms from German authorities that are filled out as part of administrative assistance, e.g. for applying for orphan's or half-orphan's pensions).

Contact for Verifications