Finding Nano summer school: Nano-science, Research and Industry in Germany

Would you like to gain further qualification in the field of nanotechnology, while learning more about German culture and language? Then “Finding Nano” is exactly the right Summer School program for you. TUM is involved in a large number of research clusters and initiatives related to nanotechnology, such as the excellence cluster NIM (Nanosystems Initiative Munich).

Facts and Figures

Next course: June 12th - July 23rd 2017

  • Main emphasis: Nanotechnology
  • Target groups and pre­requisites: International as well as national students of natural sciences and engineering who have completed an introduction to quantum physics
  • Fees:
  • 4000 € for international students
  • 3850 € for national students (without German language course)
  • Application period: January 15th - March 26th 2017
  • Course syllabus2016


The NanoScience lectures provide a comprehensive introduction to the current stage of development in nanotechnology, from the electronic properties of nano materials, to its production processes and its applications.

The program's NanoTECH module offers students the chance to collaborate on a one-week laboratory project of their choice (nano­imprinting, organic sensors or photovoltaic). Through on-site visits to industrial locations (e.g. General Electric, BMW) and research institutes (e.g. Max-Planck-Institute, Walter-Schottky-Institute), participants get a close-up look at the current status of local industry research. This early contact plants the seeds for potentially long-term contacts with both the TUM and its industry partners.

The course program is supplemented by a German language course and a cultural and free-time program to discover Munich and its surrounding areas.


Lecture NanoSCIENCE

  • Electronic transport in 3, 2, and 1 dimension
  • Nano­fabrication technology (including molecular beam epitaxy, self assembly of nano­structures, scanning probe techniques)
  • Semiconductor superlattices and quantum dots
  • Nanoparticles, nanotubes, and nanowires
  • Molecular electronics
  • Bioelectronics (DNA, proteins, and neurons-based electronics)
  • Nanomaterials for energy production and energy storage

Course language: English
Period, 30 hours; 2 Semester Credit Hours; 1 Quarter Course Credits

NanoTECH Module

  • Practical training in the laboratory
  • Visits to industrial locations, research institutes and start-up companies (e.g. BMW, General Electric, Max-Planck-Institute, Walter-Schottky-Insitute)

Technical supervision: Prof. Matthew Grayson (Northwestern University, TUM visiting professor); Prof. Paolo Lugli (TUM)

Course language: English
Period, 30 hours; 2 Semester credit hours; 1 Quarter course credit

German Language and Culture

  • Maximum group size: 18 participants, beginners and advanced groups
  • Designed to improve communication skills and facilitate interaction in everyday life in accordance with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (A1-C1)

Course language: German
Period, 40 hours; 3 Semester credit hours; 1.5 Quarter course credits

Cultural and Free time program

  • Day trips (z.B. Neuschwanstein, Regensburg, Nuremberg or Salzburg, hiking in the Alps)
  • Guided tour of Munich
  • Visits to museums (e.g. Deutsches Museum, Pinakotheken (famous art galleries))
  • Cultural events (e.g. theater, cinema or opera)
  • “Get-togethers” (international evening, bowling, sport, …)

    Application: Summer & Winter School

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    Accommodation & Costs

    We will provide accommo­dation for the duration of the program. The program fee includes an all-inclusive package.