Executive education: Management and technology know-how

Improve your management skills and leadership qualities and familiarize yourself with tomorrow’s key technologies. We offer continued education and lifelong learning programs based on the latest research that we have conducted as a University of Excellence. These additional academic qualifications also benefit our alumni, making them better equipped for the rapidly evolving world of work.

For executives: Management and technology

Executives can improve their management and technology skills with our Executive MBAs and certificate programs, and benefit from the outstanding research and study environment of the School of Management (“Triple Crown” accreditation, 2017).

Global network for alumni

Establish international contacts and stay in touch with your alma mater: Reap the benefits of our network of global citizens which already numbers over 82,000 active alumni.

Other courses and programs for individual subjects

Brewing and baking technology

The Weihenstephan Technology Workshops offer a variety of modules from courses on brewing to sensory analysis of the final product. Deepen your knowledge in several areas of brewing, grain and baking technologies with these modules.


These courses are aimed at those who already hold a university degree and wish to gain further knowledge in informatics that they may be able to use in their day-to-day work. Postgraduate certificate in informatics

See how the courses offered by the TUM School of Education, our department for teacher training and education research, can improve your skills in the classroom.

Further training for teachers
EuLe (evidence-based, university-grade advanced teacher training) was set up by the TUM School of Education to offer further training for teachers, teacher trainers and school management. The content and methodologies we use in our courses are based on the latest results from research in the field. TUM School of Education

Teach@TUM – teacher-training quality campaign
Teach@TUM provides teaching materials, online videos for preparing lessons and more – all based on the latest results from empirical research in education. Teach@TUM

You can benefit from our interdisciplinary research in the field of sport and wellbeing.

TUM Sport and Health for Life
Our offering focuses on teaching and research in the Department of Sport and Health Sciences and is aimed at anyone either working in the sports and health sciences – or keen to expand their knowledge in this field. TUM Sport and Health for Life

Non-academic training for sports instructors
On behalf of the Bavarian ministry for education, we provide state-certified training for both freelance and specialist sports instructors. Non-academic training at the Department of Sport and Health Sciences

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You can search our course database for the specific programs you are interested in. These include