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Bobsleighing: Student of Electrical Engineering runner-up in World-Championships

Johannes Lochner races to the podium

Runner-up again at the World Championships: Johannes Lochner is a Masters student at Technical University of Munich. (Photo: Maren Willkomm)

Johannes Lochner, a student of Electrical Engineering at TUM, is now runner-up world champion in Bobsleighing. At the World Championships in Innsbruck-Igls, he and his pusher Joshua Bluhm, reached the second place – only 17 hundredths of a second away from the championship title.

Physicist and TV host Philip Häusser:

Cosmic rays in the living room

Working on his doctoral thesis on artificial intelligence at the TUM’s Department of Computer Vision since 2014: TV presenter Philip Häusser. (Photo: Uli Benz)

If you run across Philip Häusser at TUM, you might have the feeling of knowing him from somewhere. From television? The young TV host has his own series in “Galileo” (ProSieben), called “High Speed Heros”. In everyday life, Häusser is a doctoral student at the TUM’s Department of Computer Vision in Garching. In a studinews-interview, he talks about his “double life”.

Scholarship student Annika Möslein:

Living in the Maximilianeum

An overall “Abitur”-grade of 1.0: TUM student Annika Möslein was granted a scholarship from the Maximilianeum Foundation. (Photo: Maren Willkomm)

Free board and lodging throughout a course of studies? A privilege for those who were able to get a scholarship of the Maximilianeum Foundation. Each year, a maximum of eight new students are selected – and Annika Möslein is one of them. She is a student of Engineering Science at TUM. For studinews, she speaks about her everyday life at the Foundation and about her dream of flying into space.


Traveling in a capsule

28 seats in a row: This is what the WARR-Hyperloop capsule is supposed to look like. The driving direction is from left to right. (Graphic: WARR)

“That was great!” – Mariana Avezum is thrilled. The computer scientist and her “WARR-Hyperloop”-team at TUM, which consists of 20 members, recently returned from College Station (Texas). The reason of their stay: participating in a design competition for a new type of high-speed transport system at the Texas A&M University.

A cooking-trolley, designed by TUM students:

Thinking outside the box

Preparing food and eating together: TUM-students Marco Kellhammer, Constanze Buckenlei, Moritz von Ulardt (from left to right) designed a cooking-trolley. (Photo Uli Benz)

“überkochen” is the name Constanze Buckenlei, Marco Kellhammer and Moritz von Ulardt gave their cooking-trolley. They developed the prototype in the scope of the project “Schule designen” (designing school) within the Master’s course of Industrial Design. The idea is to address the topic of food and nutrition in classrooms in a playful manner.

Firefighter Jacqueline Wagner:

Enzymes and firehoses

In full gear: TUM student Jacqueline Wagner is a firefighter at the voluntary fire department. (Photo: Freiwillige Feuerwehr Neufahrn)

Jacqueline Wagner arrives for her interview right on time. For the 23-year-old student from Neufahrn, it is of vital importance to be fast, to be on time – not so much regarding her first Master’s semester of Biochemistry at TUM, but because she is a firefighter at the voluntary fire department Neufahrn.

Workshop at the Carl von Linde-Akademie:

Less stress!

“Erfolgreich durchs Studium. Selbstkompetenz stärken”: At the Carl von Linde Akademie, Kirsten Bannert helps TUM students to cope with stress. (Photo: Maren Willkomm)

Tests, an internship report, preparing presentations and doing a part-time job… it can get quite stressful. According to a study by the TK, more than half of the students in Germany are regularly stressed out – sometimes so much that their study progress suffers. “Stress lass nach” is a new workshop at the Carl von Linde Akademie. Kirsten Bannert explains what it is about.

Articles in journals and book chapters:

Free scans

The dokumenTUM-service: An employee of the University Library scanning a magazine article. (Photo: Ina Gneupel/Universitätsbibliothek der TUM)

Do you prefer to read texts for your studies on your laptop or tablet computer? The University Library offers free scans of articles in journals and book chapters.

Concept of personal accompaniment:

Buddies for Refugees to be continued

The TUM would like to give refugees from crisis areas a new academic home and enable them to acquire professional qualifications. (Photo: TUM Junge Akademie)

In the summer semester of 2016, the TUM’s concept of personal accompaniment and support for asylum-seeking refugees is to be continued.


Digital examination certificates

eLearning at TUM: On March 17, 2016, you will be able to gain exciting insights into ideas, concepts, and tools. (Image: Elvira Schulze)

Are you interested in how digital media can help you to capture, assess, reflect and evaluate your learning achievement? If so, visit this year’s eLearning-day at TUM!

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