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Mitfahr-App, FameLab and Trip to China

Mit der App „TUMitfahrer“ können Sie Freunden und Kommilitonen Mitfahr-Gelegenheiten anbieten oder selbst in Anspruch nehmen. (Foto: TUMitfahrer 2014)
Mit der App „TUMitfahrer“ können Sie Freunden und Kommilitonen Mitfahr-Gelegenheiten anbieten oder selbst in Anspruch nehmen. (Foto: TUMitfahrer 2014)

Services, events und programs

The “TUMitfahrer”-app

Having trouble with delays or failures of public transport all the time? The app “TUMitfahrer” provides an easy and convenient solution to avoid such problems. The app allows you to offer or take advantage of shared rides with your friends. The app was co-developed by students of the Department of Information Systems. More information:

Starting a career and being successful in the first job

Career Lounge on Wednesday, February 17, 2016from 6 pm to 7:30 pm at Campus Garching:
After finishing a course of studies, it’s time to start a professional career: This evening event focuses on what you have to expect, what obstacles must be overcome, and how you’ll manage to get into safe waters.
Registration Starting a career

Industry 4.0: the future of work?

Career Lounge on Wednesday, March 16, 2016from 7 pm to 9 pm at Main Campus:
The term “Industry 4.0” stands for emerging new working environments. Production and services are to become more efficient, more intelligent and more flexible – but what does that mean for all of us in our working environments, for employees in companies? Here, you’ll be able to talk to our experts and discuss what the future of work might look like. Registration Industry 4.0

Careers: well informed at all times

The TUM-network’s Career Newsletter is published every 6-8 weeks – in German and English. It contains information on current career events, advice for applications and a list of career counseling programs at TUM. Register to the TUM-network and subscribe to the newsletter in the “Service”-section:

FameLab 2016: the international Science Slam

Who? Students and young scientists from the natural sciences, from Mathematics and the technical fields of study. When and where? On April 6, 2016, at the “Kulturzentrum Alte Mälzerei” in Regensburg. The rules? Three minutes time, a stage of 1x1 meters, no notes, no PowerPoint-presentations. Prizes? Cash prizes and a two-day media workshop in Berlin worth € 1,600 – including travel and accommodation. Register at:

Climate-KIC Summer School

In July and August 2016, the largest European Summer School will visit the most prestigious universities in Europe. There will be intensive courses during a period of three or five weeks – focusing on the areas of entrepreneurship and climate change – in which the interdisciplinary and international teams are to develop business ideas and concepts. The results will be presented to a jury of experts at the end of the so called “Journey”. TUM is a partner of Climate-KIC, and students who are selected can take part in the Summer School free of charge, except for the travel costs to and from the first and the last stop. The application deadline for the five-week Summer Schools is March 1, 2016, while the deadline for the three-week events is March 21, 2016. Contact: Dominik Beisser, International Center, beisser(at) More information:

MOOCs for Masters

Are you prepared to take on a Master’s program at TUM? In the future, prospective TUM-students will be able to prepare for successful Master’s studies by taking part in MOOCs (massive open online courses) – as envisaged by a new TUM-initiative called “MOOCs for Masters”. Up to 10 online courses are supposed to be developed and offered in the course of this year. More information: MOOCs for Masters

TIE² International Lab

If you developed a business idea and want to test it in foreign markets, or if you want to experience entrepreneurship in another cultural environment, you might want to learn more about the TIE² International Lab, which is a unique exchange program between Germany and China, organized by UnternehmerTUM. The focus lies on the internationalization of start-ups. It will take place at the Tsinghua University in Beijing and at TUM. In mid-May of 2016, the participants will be traveling to Beijing for 10 days, in order to discuss different topics – such as the characteristics of the Chinese market or the influence of culture and social behavior on product development – with local teams. In early October, the Chinese teams will be visiting Munich. The entire course is free of charge. Contact: tie(at)