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  • 150 years of TUM:

    The anniversary website has gone live

    150 Jahre Culture of Excellence - Die TUM feiert Geburtstag! Alle Infos gibt es auf www.150.tum.de. (Graphik: TUM/KW9)
    TUM is celebrating a very special birthday! What started off as a “Polytechnische Oberschule” in 1868 is now – 150 years later – to be seen as a player in the top league. Today, TUM is one of the best universities in Europe. The website www.150.tum.de offers exciting stories, all the important dates of the year, and information on how you can congratulate.
  • Lutz Klausmann at the Paralympics:

    Guidance in Pyeongchang

    Lutz Klausmann studiert an der TUM und wird im März als Biathlon-Begleitfahrer bei den Paralympics starten. (Bild: Ralf Kuckuck, DBS-Akademie)
    Lutz Klausmann is a student of Mathematical Finance and Actuarial Science in his 4th Master’s semester. In March, he will accompany the biathlete Nico Messinger to the Paralympics in South Korea. In a telephone interview we did while he was at the World Cup in the Black Forest, he told us about his impressive hobby.
  • Hot water production:

    Collectors on the roof of the world

    Für die Masterarbeit ganz weit weg: TUM-Student Tilman Rüdiger in Nepal. (Foto: privat)
    For his Master’s thesis, Tilman Rüdiger spent three weeks in Nepal. In an interview with TUMstudinews reporter Sabrina Czechofsky, Tilman reports how he was able to combine work and leisure – and why he wouldn’t want to have missed this experience.
  • A workshop on making glass apparatuses:

    An invitation to Addis Ababa

    An der Universität Addis Abeba üben Praktikanten erste Handgriffe für den Glasapparatebau. (Foto: privat)
    Hans Münstermann is head of the Scientific Glassblowers Workshop at the TUM Faculty of Chemistry. Recently, he traveled from Garching to Ethiopia to conduct a workshop on making glass apparatuses at the University of Addis Ababa. In an interview for TUMstudinews, Münstermann talked about what he experienced there – and how his field of profession is changing.
  • Sync+Share:

    Working together online

    50 GB Speicherplatz Daten sicher speichern mit Sync+Share. (Foto: Uli Benz)
    Surely, you already know Sync+Share, which can be described as a the Leibniz Computer Center’s adaption of “Dropbox”. With 50GB of storage, this service allows you to store data safely, to share it with other students, family, and friends, and to sync it across all your devices.
  • Students help students:

    The Munich Nightline has an open ear

    Kummer-Nummer für Studis in München: Die Nightline ist dienstags und donnerstags von 21 bis 0:30 Uhr zu erreichen. (Foto: Nightline München)
    Lovesickness, test anxiety, conflicts in the flat share… typical problems in student life – and the Munich Nightline listens if there’s nobody else who can lend an open ear. The phone service is run by students of all universities and scientific disciplines. They listen to their fellow students’ worries – anonymously, free of charge, and confidentially.