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Mensa, First Aid and Open day

Umbau: An der Arcisstraße ist die Mensa noch bis 12. August geschlossen. (Foto: Silvie Tillard)
Umbau: An der Arcisstraße ist die Mensa noch bis 12. August geschlossen. (Foto: Silvie Tillard)

The Mensa Arcisstraße is about to be modernized – including a complete workover of the counters and the kitchen. Therefore, the canteen will be closed until August 12.

In this period, the students can visit the StuCafé Audimax (Main Campus) and the bar “Crazy Bean” on the ground floor of the Mensa Arcisstraße. “Crazy Bean” will be offering an additional salad bar as well as two hot meals. The coffee bar in the Vorhoelzer Forum is open as well.

MakerSpace has an August-offer: “Six-4-Three”

MakerSpace is a publicly accessible high-tech workshop (on 1,500 square meters) that allows members to use machines, tools, and software – and to benefit from and a creative community. In August, you can combine the packages Six-4-Three and Take 5, giving you a 6-month-membership and five courses in categories A or B for half the price. More information:

Online course for Computer Science newbies

“LOOP - Lernen objekt-orientierter Programmierung” is an online course that will help you to become acquainted with the basics of object-oriented programming – offered at TUM for the first time this summer. The course is open to students (and for prospective students who will start studying in the winter semester 2016 / 2017) whose courses of study involve Computer Science / Informatics, or who have little experience in programming. The course will take place form August 29, 2016, to September 10, 2016. Prerequisites: none. Register now: “LOOP - Lernen objekt-orientierter Programmierung”. Contact: Johannes Krugel, TUM School of Education, krugel(at)

Premiere of the “TechFest Munich”

UnternehmerTUM, TUM and MakerSpace present a brand new format: TECHFEST MUNICH / MORE_ THAN A HACKATHON / 09-11 SEP 2016. For one weekend, we bring together 300 international entrepreneurs, creatives, tech evangelists, corporate innovators, designers, coders, hackers and makers. Within 72 hours, in teams of 3-5 people, participants build working hardware and software prototypes. Be part of this brand new event and apply via

First Aid for children – special emergencies involving infants and children

Cases of emergency that involve infants or children can be especially challenging. This compact course provides information about initial measures (for example cardiopulmonary resuscitation, removal of foreign bodies, household-specific cases of poisoning, febrile seizures, etc.) for common emergencies in infants and children. At the same time, the course is supposed to raise awareness for “first aid” in general. The course is designed for a maximum of 16 participants. Dates: Munich: September 21; WZW: September 27; Garching: September 29, 2016, from 9 am to 12 pm. Advance registration is required, until September 15. Contact: Ana Dzhigovechki, Tel (089) 289-22319, familienservice(at) More information: TUM Diversity events

VDI Award 2016: Up-and-coming engineers needed

Outstanding engineers from Southern Bavaria and Austria can now apply for the VDI-award 2016. The award-categories are: Diploma-, Master‘s or Bachelor‘s thesis, Doctoral thesis, engineering start-up, and junior engineers (m/f) in the industry. You can apply yourself or suggest someone else. The application deadline is September 16, 2016: VDI Bezirksverein München; email: bv-muenchen(at) More details: www.VDI Award 2016

Singing in Garching’s “Campus Choir”

At the “Campus Chor Garching”, which has now been existing for ten years, new members are always welcome (non-TUM-members as well). To join, it is not necessary to pass a test – but a musical ear and regular participation in the rehearsals are expected, in order to rise to the challenge of concerts. I you want to join, simply inform the choirmaster prior to the rehearsals. The rehearsals will start again on September 15, 2016; every Thursday from 6 pm to 7:45 pm (Room 00.13.009A, Faculties of Mathematics and Computer Science, Boltzmannstr. 3, Garching). More information:

Open day at Research Campus Garching

There will be an “Open Day” at Research Campus Garching on October 22, 2016. Around 30 research institutions will open their doors from 11 am to 6 pm – inviting you to explore the world of science with experiments, guided tours, as well as lectures. This year, new participants will be the Entrepreneurship Center of the Faculty of Economics and the geothermal power plant of the “Energiewende Garching”. After a pause due to rebuilding work, the particle accelerator of the Maier-Leibnitz Laboratory and the Bavarian Center for Applied Energy Research will be taking part again. More information: