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Issue 05/2011 - December 19, 2011

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Dear students, we are just moving our newsletter to www.tum.de. Previous issues can be found in MyTUM portal: http://portal.mytum.de/ccc/newsletter/studierende/index_html

Excellence Initiative:

TUM is the Entrepreneurial University

Flag of TUM

TUM is again competing for elite university status. The contest launched by the federal and state governments to promote science and research at German universities has now entered the second round.

High teaching standards at TUM:

New prizes award innovative teaching concepts

Logo Teaching Prizes

How can the standard of teaching at TUM be enhanced even further? What ideas do the lecturers themselves have? Two new prizes the Ernst Otto Fischer prize and the Freisemester for Lehre (teachers sabbatical leave award) have been introduced to help support these contemplations.

The LRZ in Garching:

Free antivirus software

LRZ building

The Leibniz Computer Center (LRZ) belonging to the Bavarian Academy of Sciences is the central IT service provider for TUM and the other Munich-based universities and research & educational organizations.

Nightline München:

We listen

logo Nightline Muenchen

It is not unusual for students to be beset by worries, problems and fears. The Nightline München is there to help. It is a helpline for students manned by student volunteers, which is available during the evening hours and at night-time.

TUM Spotlight:

The research brewery in Weihenstephan

mash and wort kettle

Bavaria Pale Ale, White Hoplosion or Fresh Hop Finest – these beer varieties were not created by any of the major breweries but by members of the Department of Brewing and Beverage Technology. The Weihenstephan campus specializes in training students to become brewery or food technologists, organic process engineers or master brewers – in one of the most up-to-date research breweries in the world. 

Not to be missed:

2012 calendar, competition and lecture series

Three students wearing TUM gear

2012 calendar, Main campus closed on New Year’s Eve/New Year’s Day, National “Students for Students” competition, Talks on “Role model of sustainability: Hope – Action – Change”