• Wastewater treatment with the PhyscoFilter:

    Smart moss cleans water

    Drei Mitglieder des iGEM-Teams im Labor
    Wastewater treatment plants guarantee clean drinking water – which is taken for granted, at least in the industrialized countries. But even those plants don’t manage to filter out all pollutants. Now, young researchers at TUM Weihenstephan are taking care of these “murky waters”. They are planning to genetically modify a common type of moss in order to turn it into a cost-effective miniature water-purifier for pharmaceutical agents and chemicals.
  • A TUM student at Global Startup Youth:

    App "CrowdRelief" can help in a case of emergency

    Gunther Glenk vor Petronas Towers
    Gunther Glenk, a student of TUM-BWL (Technology and Management), just arrived back from Kuala Lumpur where he participated in Global Startup Youth, a summit for young entrepreneurs from all over the world. More than 500 students from 105 countries took part in order to reflect about the world's problems together. How was his visit to Malaysia? Verena Meinecke spoke with Gunther Glenk.
  • An award for good teaching:

    Taking care of emergencies together

    Ärzte im Simulationszentrum
    A medical emergency: everything must run smoothly now. Doctors and nurses work best if they practiced the case of emergency before – together. So far, they still practice separately. This is about to change, according to a new concept of teaching for which Dr. Rainer Haseneder, anaesthesiologist at the "Klinikum rechts der Isar", won the Ernst Otto Fischer Teaching Award 2013.
  • Eduroam Wi-Fi:

    Android devices rely on Google to store sensitive data

    Drei Studierende blicken auf Smartphone
    Smart phones and tablet PCs have become an integral part of everyday life. Within the university surroundings, it is especially convenient to be able to use the wireless Eduroam-Network. But caution is required here: If the function "backup my data" is activated, Android devices will pass on your TUM-ID and your password to Google.
  • A lunch break with dogs:

    Learning to learn

    Drei Studierende sitzen auf Decke
    The university teaching team "ProLehre Lernkompetenzförderung" can help you to get to know and to optimize your individual learning behavior. It’s all about learning how to learn. For TUM students, all offers are free of charge.
  • New brochure:

    Finding a New Home in Munich

    Drei Studierende in Wohnung
    What possibilities are there to find an apartment or a room in Munich? A new TUM-brochure can help. In addition to various addresses of relevant websites, hotels, hostels, dormitories and housing agencies, the brochure provides a brief introduction to the housing market in Munich and general hints on how to find an accommodation.