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  • Project “Hand in Hand”:

    I really feel at home in Germany

    Engagiert sich für Studis, die neu nach Deutschland kommen: TUM-Studentin Nawal Hafez aus Ägypten. (Foto: Maren Willkomm)
    Nawal Hafez, who is from Egypt, has now been a student of Electrical Engineering at TUM for two years. A year ago, she was granted the “TUM Deutschlandstipendium”, and she does volunteer work for disadvantaged people. In an interview with TUMstudinews reporter Sabrina Czechofsky, she talks about her time in Germany – the country that has become her second home.
  • Cookbook “QuasiVegan”:

    Seven vegetable calories to one calorie of animal origin

    Veganer Simon Rieß hat mit Kommilitonen der TUM ein Kochbuch geschrieben. (Foto: Maren Willkomm)
    Many people think that a vegan lifestyle is all about renunciation and asceticism. A group of TUM students is trying to work against this prejudgment and to inspire fellow vegetarians and vegans at the same time. Within the framework of a project of the Junge Akademie, the five of them developed a cookbook in which they present their favorite recipies. Now, “QuasiVegan” is included in every welcome-pack for freshers. Simon Rieß is one of the authors.
  • Academicus 2016:

    Innovative ideas for TUM

    Es werde Licht: Die TUM zeichnet besondere Ideen aus, die dabei helfen, Studieren und Arbeiten besser zu machen. (Foto: Uli Benz)
    Intelligent planning with TUMonline, measures to avoid dropping out of a course of studies, exchange via online platforms – a lot of ideas were submitted for this year’s “Academicus”-competition. The winners were awarded in the Audimax in the scope of the “Dies Academicus”.
  • 5th edition of the fatum-Magazine: Dialogue

    An award for the editorial team

    Karl Max von Bauernfeind-Medaille für die Macher des Magazins fatum: Die Redakteure Patrick Georg (links) und Samuel Pedziwiatr (rechts). (Foto: Andreas Heddergott)
    The latest issue has just been published: the fatum-Magazine – which follows the motto “Philosophie entdecken” (“discovering philosophy”) is published every six months. It is made by students who are associated to the Master’s course “Philosophy of Science and Technology”. The magazine meets the highest standards: just recently, the editorial team was awarded with the TUM’s Karl Max von Bauernfeind Medal.
  • Open source planning tool for the energy turnaround:

    Infrastructure data for everyone

    Jose Rivera (links) mit seinem Team (Viktor Vaklinov, Klaus Schreiber, Prerona Ray Baruah, Qunjie Zhou und Tanuj Ghinaiya; v.l.n.r.) vor Punkt 63084505 der OpenGridMap, einer Solaranlage in der Nähe der TUM. (Foto: Andreas Battenberg)
    How much electricity flows through the grid? When and where? Where are the bottlenecks? What happens when wind turbines and solar cells feed in additional energy? The answer to these questions are essential for the global energy turnaround. However, for a valid planning, one first needs a solid understanding of the infrastructure. Researchers at the TUM are now collecting information via an open source platform accessible to everyone.
  • An App for healthy eating

    In Germany, there’s “Currywurst”

    Software-Entwickler mit Appetit auf Gesundes: Johannes Ziegltrum schreibt an der TUM seine Masterarbeit. (Foto: Maren Willkomm)
    Johannes Ziegltrum is currently working on his Master’s thesis at TUM, for which the student of Computer Science developed an App that is supposed to inform teenagers and young adults about healthy eating and exercise in a playful way. In an interview for TUMstudinews, he has talks about how the App is structured and how it is integrated in the food cluster “enable”.
  • Not to be missed:

    Erasmus, Mobile Advice and the ISS

    Mobile Beratung zum Beispiel bei sich daheim im Studentenwohnheim: Ein neues Angebot vom Studentenwerk München. (Foto: Silvie Tillard)
    Interested in an exchange semester within Europe? The application period for an international exchange with the Erasmus programme in the winter semester of 2017/18 or in the summer semester 2018 starts on January 11, 2017.