Nora Pohle with a view to 2017:

A Christmas wish list for the students

"Wieder zusammen anzupacken!": Das wünscht sich Nora Pohle, Vertreterin der Studis in Senat und Hochschulrat der TUM, für 2017. (Foto: Astrid Eckert)
"Wieder zusammen anzupacken!": Das wünscht sich Nora Pohle, Vertreterin der Studis in Senat und Hochschulrat der TUM, für 2017. (Foto: Astrid Eckert)

Every year, people all over the world write a wish list for Christmas. Nora Pohle, Student Representative in the TUM’s Senate and the University Council, has compiled a wish list for the students of our university – things that, in her opinion, would improve university life:

First wish: Quality of teaching

“The first point on my wish list is about the quality of teaching. A ratio of one professor to 80 students may be acceptable as an average for all the universities in Germany, but it is simply unacceptable for an international top university. Ultimately, good teaching works a lot better in smaller groups than in a crowded Audimax.

It is also important that the lecturers are fully aware of the importance of the quality of teaching. Thus, the university should emphasize the aspect of teaching in the appointment procedures. What’s the benefit for a university if the most renowned researcher is not able to impart his knowledge?

In our opinion, the language of teaching plays an important role as well. For the sake of good teaching, lecturers must be able to hold their lectures comprehensively and in correct language.

Second wish: Measures to try and solve the lack of space

Further, good teaching is also dependent on the necessary rooms. If the total number of students doubles within a period of 15 years, it is not surprising that space will become scarce. Thus, my second wish is that there will be adequate measures to try and solve the lack of space.

Third wish: Dedicated students and result-oriented committees

Of course, problems like this also have to be addressed adequately – so my third wish is about dedicated students and result-oriented committees that are actively involved in shaping the university.
Another aspect of successful involvement is substantial participation in the university elections.

Fourth wish: University elections

Thus, my fourth wish is that – on the one hand – the students will take part in the university elections, while the university administration – on the other hand – should establish two-day elections and aim to introduce online voting.

Fifth wish: Social situation of the students in Munich

My fifth and last wish is about the social situation of the students in Munich. Since Munich has the highest costs of living in all of Germany, most of the students have no choice but to take on jobs alongside their studies. To enable financially disadvantaged students to take on a course of studies in metropolises, the “BaföG”-rate should be raised every year, corresponding with the local rent level.

In addition, we need more dormitories, especially for the 20,000 students at campus Garching. We need to follow through with the concept of a Campus-university, as has been started with GALILEO and StudiTUM.
Due to the fact that the number of students has doubled during the last 15 years, the TU München – as well as the city of Munich – are quite clearly about to reach their capacity limit soon. 

It was encouraging that we managed to save the “Semesterticket” last year. It was a good experience to see that we can still achieve small miracles if the students, the university, and political actors work together on a communal and on the national level. Thus, my greatest wish is that we will keep it up during the coming year, that we will make Munich – the university city and our TUM – a bit better once again.”

(Source: Excerpt of the address for the “Dies Academicus” on December 7, 2016)