Teaching & Quality Management

Combining excellent research with excellent teaching – that is the aspiration of TUM. Teaching at our university is carried out according to the highest didactic and technical standards, oriented towards learning objectives and competency. In this way, students are introduced to scientific thinking and research in the best possible way.

Here you will find an overview of the didactic principles on which teaching at TUM is based, as well as assistance in designing courses and examinations.

At TUM, there are a variety of forums and competitions for innovative teaching formats, outstanding didactic concepts and the exchange on the latest developments.

At TUM, there are a number of regular events on the culture of teaching and learning that provide impetus for lecturing and space for discussion and exchange.

The goal of quality management is to design, establish and further develop attractive, challenging and internationally competitive degree programs.

Whether didactics, e-learning or evaluation – TUM offers a wide range of consulting and training services on all topics related to studying and teaching.

The Internationalization Language Services coordinates translations into English as well as (copy) editing, and provides the dict.tum terminology database.

Whether handouts on teaching and examinations, documents on accreditation or information on evaluation processes – here you will find all downloads related to studying and teaching.

Blog “Studium und Lehre”

Best practices from teaching, current calls for proposals, surveys and many other topics can also be found in the blog “Studium und Lehre”.

News: Teaching and Learning

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    The future of digital studies has arrived

    BMW donates one million euros for digitalization of TUM teaching

    The Technical University of Munich (TUM) has started its summer semester, which will take place primarily online due to the coronavirus pandemic. At very short notice, TUM has drastically expanded its digital curriculum so that all students can continue their learning activities without interruption. TUM Partners of Excellence and private individuals are supporting TUM in the ongoing development of digital teaching and testing formats as well as in speeding the creation of virtual laboratories.