Evaluating Studies and Teaching

The quality of a univer­sity’s teaching and studies is a deci­sive factor of its national and inter­national success. As such, it must be evalua­ted on a regular basis. How satis­fied are students with the instruc­tion they receive? At the TUM, evalua­tions are conduc­ted on a regular basis at various levels: indivi­dual courses, degree programs, and schools and colleges. The goal of our evalua­tion is to continually enhance the quality of teaching and studies at the TUM on the basis of student feed­back. 

In the summer semester 2020, an extensive conversion to digital teaching took place. You can find the results in the download area.

The central evaluation system for studying and teaching is an important component of quality management.

The EvaSys software is a web-based, decentralized tool for creating, conducting and administering surveys. EvaSys is particularly suitable for standardized course evaluations.


Evaluations of courses are carried out at TUM in the Schools and Departments. Here you can find out how evaluations are planned and carried out, who supports you in the process and which tools are available to you.